Monday, August 11, 2008

My First Post

I can't believe I'm actually starting a blog; does everyone say that? :) I plan to use this blog to meet new friends, share decorating ideas and share some yummy recipe's. I LOVE to cook and make all kinds of desserts. I really don't know where to start~ so here I go...

My husband, daughter and I live in a tiny fixxer/upper that has been fixed ( for the most part. ) I'll share those stories later. We are allowed to live here by our owner's....our 5 animals. :) I know, I know 5 animals....YIKES! Not a good thing when I am an extreme neat daughter thinks it's funny if she turns a picture crooked....we'll probably discuss that later on down the road, too. Please let me introduce you to our babies:
Simon James ( he's 9 )

Is it weird that all our animals have middle names? Simon was the son of our momma kitty and we fell in love with him. I had a cat named Chester who I had for many years and when he passed away Simon was sad, he carried one of my daughters stuffed animals around for weeks until...

Samual Stuart aka " Sammy " ( he's 6 1/2 )

Sammy was a rescue kitten. I'm an Apartment Manager ( not a good job when you are an animal lover like me. ) :) One day a man from the city pound came into my office and asked me where a certain apartment was located, I asked him why, he replied "I was called to pick up a momma kitty and her babies." Ugghhh....ripped my heart out. I asked him to please come back by the office before he leaves. He did and there amidst several kittens and his beautiful momma was Sammy...I picked him up out of the box ( wishing I could rescue them all ) and told his momma I would take good care of him. Sammy slept on my lap the rest of the day. As you can see Sammy doesn't want for anything...he's well over his weight limit ( a whopping 20 pounds ) but please don't tell him. We just say he is big boned. :)

Then along came Molly Bell~

We think she is about 8 years old and we've had her for four years. We inherited Molly from my husband's grandparents when they passed. She's a good "guard" dog as you can see. I just took this picture...she loves my purse ( or my house shoes or the laundry )

Look, now she thinks if she ignores me....I'll go away. :)

Our next arrival: Riley Memphis ( I wanted to name him Elvis, can you tell? )

Sorry about the small picture I have no idea what I'm doing yet. We have had Riley almost a year; he was 10 months when my husband bought him...need I say more? My DH and Riley have truly bonded. :) He chats up a storm, says I love you, UH-OH ( if you drop something ) and many, many other things. He is hilarious, he laughs, he does a brilliant fake cough and a pretty good fake sneeze. He is a Harlequin Macaw and can live to be 75 years old or older....oh my word, I'm 34 so I'm thinking this bird is going to outlive me. :)

Last but certainly not least: Gracie Jane ( another rescue kitty. )

Gracie found me, actually. I pulled up at work one morning and there she was laying in the middle of the driveway...eeekkk. I said come here kitty, kitty....she stayed with me all day. I called my husband and told him I loved her, it took me 3 days to convince him ( he did buy a bird after ) but then she was mine/ours. :) She just fit right in.

With all these animals, a husband and a daughter starting her junior year of high school and a full time job...well, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. :)

Thank you so much for coming by...stay tuned there's more to come,

Hugs, J.

P.S. The comment tab is way at the bottom, I do not know why. Please bear with me while I'm under construction. :)


Tootsie said...

I love it! you are a natural! My husband turns pictures or plants a little to see how long it will take me to either notice it or how long i can stand it!
My pets all have middle names...I had a Tootsie Michelle...and a Niffer Allen...and still have a Sheba Pooh!
do you mind if I add you to my blog list? or would you rather keep it private for a while?

Rue said...

Hi J :)

YAY!! Welcome to blogland!!!!!
I hope you don't mind that I found you out out already. Nothing stays private with us RMSers for long LOL

If you need more help with your blog than Tootsie or I can give you go to:


Those sites helped me a lot!

You did a great job on your first post :)

Big hugs,

Nancy said...

Hi Jessica, Welcome to blogging. It is so addicting. I have just been blogging for a few months, and I love it. I said that same thing to myself when I started, and I still say it. I can't believe I started a blog! Good Luck and I will be back to visit.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Jessica, I see you are up and running. And you're off to such a good start!! I loved your introduction to your world of pets. Each one is just as sweet as can be. And you can see their personalities in the photos. I am so glad you are finally here with us. I hope someday Betty decides to join us. Hugs, Terrie

jojillia said...

Hi, I'm J too. only it's jillian. I love blogging and I'm a newbie also since june. Great post and cutie animals. nice to meet you J.

beddow said...

Awesome Jessica! Love your first post, glad you decided to go for it. Real nice look.


jean said...

I am new to blogging and not sure what I am doing yet. I loved your pets. I just lost my dog Rufus and I am so sad. I love to see people love animals.

Picket said...

Hey you!!!!! Welcome to blogland! Fantasic first post...I loved all the animals..I have a weakness for big yellow cats! lol Girl you will love blogland and you will learn so quick...(not like me..I am still in kindergarden when it comes to blogs & computers! lol)Thanks so much sweetie for letting me know...I will add you to my list so I can find my way back here! lol Have a great day girl!

mrsben said...

Jess, this is wonderful! There are a lot of gals I'm sure that will help you out. Sorry I can't as I don't have a Blog :) ("Bloggerfordummies" must be a very informative site as I've heard other Bloggerists refer to it".)

Good luck girl on your new adventure as this was reallllllly great! Love your furry family and HAPPY BLOGGING! {{{{Brenda}}}}

Jessica said...

Thank you Jean for coming by, I appreciate it. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know how that feels. Please come by and visit me again real soon.
Hugs~ J.

Mary / Mariah said...

You doing so good . I wish I would have looked lower on the page I was here 3 times and didn't look there , sorry about that . love your animals and that sweet bird . Keep up the good work . Mary

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Jessica! Welcome to blogland! I found our about you thru terriedj at terrie's lil' peace of serenity....I am so glad she told me about you. Your blog is beautiful and I love all of the pics. I will be back again soon! Have a great day!


Joy said...

Welcome to blogging world! I hopped over from Terrie's place.
Your furbabies are adorable.
My daughter has been driving for about a year now. So I feel for you. It's hard to get used to.

nikkicrumpet said...

You weren't do have a ZOO! I'm so glad I got to come and visit your blog! I enjoyed snooping around!