Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ya'll Come On In...

Hi friends,

As I mentioned in my first post we live in a real fixxer upper...that has been fixed. :)
When we first moved in the house, the kitchen sink was green and the mini blinds were pink....not a good combination. We hung new wallpaper & changed the sink. Then we had to do what I call " UN-FUN " stuff to the house, roof, foundation, windows, doors etc. Although, picking out new windows and doors was kind of fun, the foundation work and saving for the entire roof to be done, was not fun. The first big project we did was the patio in 12/05. I've already shared this with you but in case you missed, it's under my Patio, Yard and a little friend post. Two years ago, we were able to " do " the kitchen. We purchased new counter tops, back splash, sink, faucet and new appliances. We weren't able to spend money on cabinets but one day I may paint them. I kind of wish I would have done something to the cabinets then. So, here it is....just remember it's little. :) Our house is only 1068sqft.

The back splash was a bit of a splurge it's tumbled travertine with black granite was my dream back splash. :)
Well, that's it! There aren't many ways to take a picture in this small space. :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Hugs, J. : )


Mary / Mariah said...

Your posts are always great . You've done good on your home . I hope every thing is back to normal real soon . God bless You .

beddow said...

It is beautiful!!! I really love the backsplash too!
It is great to be reading one of your posts. We are still praying for you. It was sure great to get the news you were okay.


onlymehere said...

I think the cabinets look fine. Have you thought about just switching out the hardware? It can give the cabinets a whole new updated look doing that. I bought a couple of different types of knobs (my last house) and went home and put them on my cabinets and looked at them for a few days. I returned the ones I ruled out and then bought the ones I needed of the ones that matched. It's a lot less work than painting cabinets! I love what you did though with the backsplash and everything. I know exactly the green and pink you're talking about too, it used to be so popular with people my mother's age! The big window at the end makes it look so light and airy too!

Anonymous said...

hi jessica,
i have been checking your blog every day to see if you are all okay, so it was good to see you post this morning!
your kitchen is very warm and pretty.
i am glad you are okay. hope you have a good week!
ps your perfume tray is on its way :)

Tootsie said...

If this is the post you were telling me about that was scheduled for today, I am sad. It is fine, but that does mean that you are not home with power yet!
I miss you is good to have heard your beautiful voice, and know you are safe....can't wait to have you back to normal again.

Nancy said...

Love the back splash! Looks wonderful. Blessings, nancy

Mary / Mariah said...

I missed you girl . can't wait to see your next post . But get some rest first . Mary

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Jessica! Your kitchen is so pretty and it's just the right size....everything within doesn't get any better than this! Hope things get back to normal soon for you and all of the Hurricane victims. You've all been in my prayers.