Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Attention Walmart Shoppers :)

Hi friends~

I ran to Walmart last night to grab some much
needed hair gel & lookie here what I found!

Isn't he cute as a button?

( sorry they are still in the box...I was too busy jumping up & down! )

What a grand reindeer!

I saw the snowman price... so I grabbed it and ran to check out~ I asked the cashier how much and he said $2.00....I asked daughter to run & get the reindeer....OH MY I was excited $4.00 TOTAL! I'm just tickled pink over these new treasures. Not sure where I'm going to hang them yet but~ YEAH!

Have a beautiful day!

Hugs~ J


Shelia said...

Morning pretty one! I can't believe you found these great wall hangings for $2 at Wally World! I was just in ours yesterday and I didn't see anything pretty like this! Woo Hoo for you!! They're beautiful! Thanks for the early visit and if you do flip a cartwheel, bundle up, it's cold outside! lol
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;0

Happy To Be said...

GM Jessica ..Boy you did good girl don't you just love it when you find a great treaurer at a great price?? I would be doing my happy dance for sure...hey and the hair products are no where near the Christmas stuff so how did that Happen?? ha ha !!! and yes today is suppose to be the day for the Great GD..I don't know what time they are doing her C-section yet!! Jess they live in Texas where your at..I will be going in Jan to see them..I also have family in Weatherford.Tx...will let you know as soon as I find out what has cord wrapped around it neck so that why they are taking it due on the 26th..This is my 26 year old grand son and his girl friend...I have 2more due by may 09..still busy year for me..these kids are having kids so fast I can't keep up !!!Ain't life grand ?? I am so glad I can still enjoy this miracle with my daughters and they kids now..have a great day dear friend..hugs and smiles Gloria

Lynne said...

What a deal you found... I'm rushing out to Walmart in a bit and "hope" against hope I can find the snowman.. Girl.. it is "calling" my name don't you think???? Would be perfect around my home.. what department did you find these darling things????
hugs ~lynne~

Somewhere In Time- Christie (Queenie) said...

These are so cute! They will look perfect in your home...I'm happy for you girl..and what a deal!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Jessica, Those are right up my alley. Surprise. lol I might have to go to Walmart on my supper hour from work. I go in at 2:00 today.
Hey, I am having a hard time talking Larry into driving all of the way to S. Padre Island. I may have to twist his arm pretty hard.
But, if I do. You know I'll be letting you know when. I would love to meet you.
Hugs, Terrie

Sue said...

Fabulous J!! Don't ya just love those Walmart bargains!! xo

Tootsie said...

Oh!!! I love them!!!!! I too have been doing some jumping up and down....go to my blog....check out my C-R-O-W-N!!!!! HEEEEEEEE

Barb said...

Great Find!!!

I like them because they are not like anything I have seen before.
(and that's not because I don't shop at Wal-mart).
If our roads weren't icy, I'd be flyin' right over there.
thanks for sharing.
Barbara Jean

Buffie said...

Whoohoo! Dontcha just love a great bargain like that?!? How cute!

Buffie :)

onlymehere said...

I would've snatched these babies up too! Love them!

Nancy said...

Hi Jessica, It was fun reading and learning more about you. I love your walmart finds! Great deal to. nancy

beddow said...

I need to tag along with you shopping! I think you just have a really good eye for things.


Raxx - A day in the life said...

Hi Jessica, I see you over at Buffie's and I wanted to say Hi! I wish I had a Walmart! Those are lovely finds!

You and your hubby are a beautiful couple!

lvroftiques said...

Oh my goodness! Those are adorable!! And only $2? I wish our Wallmarche had something that cute! SCORE girl!! Vanna