Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Riley has a new home

This is a very difficult post for me ( us. ) Riley ( our bird ) went to a new home yesterday. We have been thinking abut this for months and it was a hard decision to make. Now, before I go any farther he is with a loving family in our neighborhood so he isn't too far away. We also have the privilege of visiting him. The boy is 17 and a magician....he goes to school with my daughter and has wanted a Macaw for many years. He has studied & researched them. He is fascinated with birds and it shows. So we feel very confident in our decision....although a piece of our heart went with him. There are many reasons why we made this decision but the main reason is Riley ( & any Macaw ) is very demanding of your time. They require about 4 hours a day of hands on attention or they get destructive. He has eaten the back of our couch, peeled paint off the wall, chewed the blinds etc. We dealt with all of that and still loved him anyway. They also scream, when the phone rings, when you walk outside, when you leave or even when you walk to the next room. Macaw's have the emotions of a 3 year old and the vocabulary of a 2 year old. Unfortunately, my husband who always wanted a bird had to come to this decision on his own and I know it was hard for him. I could not help him make this decision. Usually we make decisions together but Riley was husband's bird and they really loved each other. I could not be the one to push him either way. My husband knew that he couldn't really spend the rest of his life with him. Macaw's can live to be 75 years old old. Riley is just over 2 years old and we've had him for 15 months. It is not uncommon for Macaw's to have many families during their lifetime.
We do have an agreement with his new family. If for ANY reason they don't feel like they can take care of him anymore we will take him back and FULLY refund their money. We will ALWAYS want to know where he is and make sure he is in a good loving home. He was very much a part of our family.
His new owner, Eric is a magician....I'm telling you this kid can do incredible magic tricks and he has always wanted a bird to be his assistant. Eric went to Las Vegas last summer and took a class from Lance Burton. This kid is serious about what he does. My husband & daughter took Riley to their house last night ( I chose not to go. ) and helped them get him settled....when husband left Riley was sitting on Eric. That is a very good sign. Riley didn't go to everyone....including me on most days. :)

I know husband misses Riley already.....they were so sweet together.

Now, I have some redecorating and some touch up paint to do. There is a big hole in our living room and in our hearts this morning. I can at least fix the hole in the l/room. I just know Riley is in a good home this morning and is getting tons of attention. He is only 5 minutes away....this helps our heart.... a little.



Happy To Be said...

Oh Jessica... I am so glad Riley went to a good home and that you can at least visit him..my hair dresser had one thats over 50 that belongs to her folks and she keeps it at her shop and takes it home on wwekend..because it needs company she said..I hope you are all done with your HOHOHO stuff and ready fot the Big Boy on Dec 25 may you have a safe and blessed Christmas dear friend..hugs and smiles Gloria..give your Grandma my best Jessica..

onlymehere said...

Wow you're fast. I'm sitting here as I work watching it snow outside. We're supposed to get 6-8" today. I'm so tired of snow already but hopefully I can get some pictures for you later today. I'm sorry Riley had to go but at least you know he'll be loved and played with there. Teenagers have so much energy! Merry Christmas dear friend. I hope to hear from you soon {{smiles}}! Cindy

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Jessica, For what it's worth I had to sell my amazon parrot because he was so demanding. It broke my heart. I know McCaws are very destructive.I would love to have another parrot. But, those are the reasons I haven't gotten another one. They are just like babies. At least we can take Sammie and Brandie on vacations with us. Thinking of you!!! Hugs, Terrie

beddow said...

Sweet Jessica, I know this must be hard for you but you know he is in a good home and were thinking of him too. I had to make a decision years ago to find a home for one of my cats, I found him a really good home but I did always miss him. I am glad you can still see him.


Tootsie said...

I know you would never let him go to just anyone...and that you made sure he would get all the love and attention he needed. I am glad you found him a place..and that you will be allowed to vistit. Sometimes we have to make these types of decisions and they are hard to do and follow through with...I had to do this with a dog once and it was hard.
Merry Christmas to your family from me....and big hugs.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

This is my intro to Riley and he is a beatiful bird! Sorry you had to let him go, but you did it responsibly and lovingly, that helps the transition.

I am doing indoor touch ups too! on the eve of the eve!

Oh I added you to my blog roll, hope you dont mind!

Shelia said...

Dear Jessica, I'm so sorry about Riley! I really don't know anything about birds and yours was a beauty. It does sound like you've found a perfect home for him. I can see how happy his new owner is. Know I'm thinking about you today and have a wonderful Christmas.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :(

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Jessica, I'm so sorry about Riley, I don't know alot about birds, this guy is gorgeous. I'm sure you found a great home for him.
Thanks for swinging by the tablescape darling. You are always so kind..
From our home to yours,
Happy Holidays,
hugs ~lynne~

Sue said...

what a gorgeous bird, I'm glad you'll be able to see him and make sure he is happy in his new home! Have a wonderful Christmas holiday J!! xoxox

lvroftiques said...

What an incredibly beautiful bird Riley is! I'm so glad he's gone to a good home. I would love to have a macaw myself but I had no idea that they required sooo much time!4 hrs a day is quite a lot!(obviously more research is needed on my part *winks*) Maybe I'll have to rethink my macaw dreams and find myself a smaller bird. I do know that they live very long lives and frequently outlive their owners. So a young owner is about as close to a perfect ticket as can be. I know it must have been a very difficult decision for y'all. My heart goes out to you! Vanna

Melissa Wertz said...

(((Hugs))) Fids are like that. Our grey has to have a lot of attention and she prefers it from me, though she will take it from most anyone. She will step up to most anyone, but I am her favorite.

They can really be destructive. Zoey has tried to eat my Bannister and the china cabinet. They china cabinet, fortunately, did not receive a scratch!

Sorry you had to give your beloved Fid away. Sounds like Eric will be a great Guardian.

nikkicrumpet said...

I read this story and it brought back some memories for me. My hubby had an African Grey and a Eclectus when we got married. Problem was the birds HATED me. I tried so hard to win them over and the Electus eventually tolerated my feeding and holding him. But the Grey would bite me everytime I got near. Since I was the one who was home most of the time it fell to me to clean their cages, feed them and give them the attention they needed. Eventually I got tired of the bites...and tired of trying to win that dang bird over. My hubby finally realized that it wasn't going to work and he decided to give them both away to his Aunt who trained and showed parrots. I tried hard not to push him either way...but what a relief when they were finally gone. I'm a pet person...I love all animals...but dang those birds just made me crazy! I know he still misses them...but I hate to admit I don't!

Queenie~ said...

Hey Jessica!
I know that you all will miss Riley, but I can completely understand you finding him another good home. I know the new owner will love and take very good care of him as much as you all have. It's so wonderful that you can still see him too!