Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tweaking & A Question~

Hi friends~

Well, I've been doing a little tweeking on my never ending issue room " the breakfast room. " We added some scrap book paper for a little bit of color~I've seen that all over blog land & I decided to try it.

This is what our hutch looked like before...

Now~ I've added some silver tea pots and a topiary ( that my genius made :)

A cloche ( Thank you Lynne for telling me to to get it out of my garage ) a cake plate and candles where also added to the table. I was always worried that the cats would knock anything over but so far so good....there are NO BAD KITTIES in our :)

Now, I FINALLY got my rug from!! Mammaw introduced me to it.....that's probably not a good thing. :) I will be getting new chair cushions,too.

These pictures are dark I took them late @ night...sorry.

I've always wanted a rug in here. YEAH! How does it look?

The rug was $114. I thought that was a GREAT price!

Now for the question: I know those of you who knew me back then ( RMS days ) are tired of seeing this table. I am TIRED of this table! I have GOT to do something with it. It matches nothing in our home. But, Mister & I did buy it when we literally lived on LOVE ( awe ) :) So, I'm not willing to part with it. But I need to stain it or paint it or something. I've been talking about doing this forBold well over a year. But honestly, I'm terrified. I have a chair in my garage that matches this table and I'm going to "practice" on it. I will BE BRAVE & do WHATEVER you tell me to do. I can NOT make this decision on my own. I am at my whits end! Originally, I was going to stain the table and paint the chairs the hutch color but the rug is a little darker that I thought it would be. Great grandmothers sewing machine has to stay in the room, it's darker wood and it matches the frame of the embroidery piece Mister had framed for me. Plus, I LOVE it. So it stays. :)

I really need your help.....Paint the table, stain it? I can change the hutch color if necessary, too. It's already been 5 colors. :) Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. I plan to start this project Saturday bright & early so come on all you Decorating Divas~ I need you. Please :) THANK YOU!!

Hugs~ J.


Happy To Be said...

Girl paint it black it seems to be the in color right now..and Picket does everything in this black truffle color thats just great..Love the new look on the hutch...and oh girl I was at a blog like 2 weeks ago and she shown how to take just a glass container (vase) and turn it up side down and glue a woodren handle on it to make a cloche from them..can't wait to try that one and you can paint the knob any color you fun would those be..I need to do this and show it...hope you have a great week...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Barb said...

i'm giving my vote, even though we don't know each other.
if you like the cream hutch, paint the table cream, then bring in a couple of dark brown stained accessories to tie in with the dark sewing machine.

Black is indeed "in", but i would want the hutch and table to match (maybe that's old fashioned), but a small room needs the continuity.
You could do the table black, and put black accesories in the room too, leaving the hutch white.

I gues I didn't give an opinion as much as make suggestions. Sorry.
Bottom line is, what do you like??

Whatever you do that you like, will be beautiful. =0)

Can't wait to see what you decide.

Barbara Jean

nikkicrumpet said...

I love black furniture...but I think it might be to harsh with all the softer colors you have going on here. I'd tend towards cream and then get some pretty cushions to add color. But if it were mine and I was feeling bold. I'd get some linen chair covers to give them that whole shabby chic look...then paint the table a mossy green like the color of your rug...then glaze and distress it. Good luck with the project. I hope you love the results no matter what you decide!

Raxx - A day in the life said...

I love Nikki's advice, it's right on the money!

Your hutch looks fabulous!

beddow said...

I think I would go for painting the table to match the hutch...I guess I am more of a bit matchy for unity. You could leave parts of table stain and part painted, staining it to match the darker stains in the room. I have something pictured in my mind but can't seem to describe it, I will see if I see an example to show you.


Shelia said...

Morning, Jessica! I love what you've done to your breakfast hutch! It looks beautiful. Did you go back and buy the silver tea set? I love it!
Now I must tell you...I bought a table just like yours from CraigsList. It didn't look as good as yours, though. It has a really pretty wood design on the top - rather star like. I had some olden antique chairs that were stained mahoghany and I sanded the socks off that table and used this stain that had a sealer all in one! I love how it turned out. So if you want a wood color, I suggest getting something that has the stain and sealer in one. I got it at Sherwin Williams. But I like painted pieces too. I'm no help, am I?
I love your rug. You should have told me about - I'm going over there right now!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

onlymehere said...

I'm certainly no decorating diva but if you stained the table and chairs it would look almost like mine that I waited 25 years to buy!! I wouldn't personally do anything trendy with it but that's just bz I hate to paint and stain so once it's done it's staying for quite some time!! Besides if you have that old machine in there you could not necessarily stain it that dark but do a tone that blends will with it and maybe the table and chairs would blend well with it. Also, I've been looking for a rug for under my dining room set so I'm going to check out this web site. Round is so hard to find! I'm excited to see what you do with it. I do like what you've done with the hutch too!

~♥~ Monica S said...

I would go with lighter colors... knowing if you ever get tired of a black table.. it's way harder to get it light again...than if you paint it in a creme or something.. and paint also comes off if you want to go back to natural...
Also you don't have to paint the top of the table.. it can stay the way it is... how's that??

I like your hutch and everything in it.. looks really cozy!! :-) oh and he rug is very pretty!!


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Oh Jessica you are just too sweet girlfriend. Your hutch and cloche dome look fabulous ! :-) I'm sure glad you don't have any bad kitties. Are you going more for a shabby chic look? I love your cream hutch and all of it's beauty. If you're wanting to stay with this I suggest sanding the table, painting it cream, sanding off the edges for more of a worn look and lightly staining the table and then sealing. I hope this helps... keep me posted sounds like fun.. don't be afraid darling it's only
hugs ~lynne~

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Wonderful blog and cute cats! Enjoyed my visit!


Queenie~ said...

Hey Jessica!
Oh I just love that hutch and the paper on the back is so pretty...I think all of your little decorative touches look beautiful. Now,I want to see a close up of what's under the cloche...I have looked for a cloche high and low and still haven't found one. Your's sure looks pretty on your table. I love that new rug too, great find and it was a great deal. Oh girl, your breakfast area looks so welcoming and pretty, but I can't wait to see what your table looks like when you are done! I wonder what you decided to do? Have a great weekend!

Nancy said...

Oh Jessica,I bet I am too late for this post! Oh, I hope you painted it to match the hutch...or I like what Nikki sugested...nothing to dark...I can't wait to see what your doing. Blessings,Nancy

bmwgal1948 said...

I am running behind on my visits,but here is my two cents. I would paint it to match my hutch or go with Nilkki's idea. I don't think I would go black. Linda

Cathy said...

Hello! I'm new to discovering your blog and I love what you've done in your dining room! I've read through everyone's comments and suggestions and was surprised no one has suggested that you to mix it up!

I love the finish on the hutch and believe I'd do the exact same thing to the table. With the colors, textures, and tones, the table would form a visual triangle between the hutch, the table, and the curtains softening the wall behind it.

Then, for a shot of the "totally unexpected" and to add a little "Pop" without being too dramatic, I'd paint all the chairs using a fun color! Like an apple green {or the color of the emblem on the hutch?} or a warm soft red. Choose a color from the new rug and run with it!!!

Best wishes with whatever you do decide...