Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~ Heart Shaped Box ~

Remember last week when I told you about Queenies Etsy shop? I ordered a couple other goodies from her, too. ( I'll share those with you on a later date ). I was so happy to come home from work and find a box for me. :) All wrapped beautifully in the prettiest paper.

Oh my....it's my custom made heart shaped box~

These pictures do not do it justice~ it really is a treasure~

Isn't it lovely sitting here on my bed side table?

Yes, it's PERFECT Queenie~ THANK YOU!

I didn't take a picture of the inside~ ( I was delirious when writing this post. ) The inside is just gorgeous and she put a few dried rose petals inside and then she autographed the back~ HELLO~ I have the FABULOUS QUEENIE'S AUTOGRAPH!
I am absolutely delighted!!

If you are wondering why I am delirious~ my Mister has been terribly sick since Friday night. After our duck adventure, he didn't eat much dinner. This is not normal for him, especially when it comes to Mexican food. Later in the evening, he had 101 fever. ALL weekend he was sick....I'm convinced it's the PLAGUE. I have never seen this man so sick in my life. He couldn't even hold down chicken broth~ poor Mister. I have washed and dried the bedding all weekend and chased him around with lysol. ( Actually he didn't even get out of bed Saturday. ) He has lost 7 pounds! ( Like he needed it....grrrrrr. ) Bad thing is now I am feeling a little woozy~ ( maybe I'm just tired. ) What's that saying? " I'm just one stomach flu away from fitting into that little black dress? " UUUGGGHHHH! I'm guzzling orange juice and sitting here with lysol in my hand....I'm so not kidding! :)
Have a beautiful day!
Hugs~ J.


~♥~ Monica S said...

Beautiful box!!!

And wishing you both a speedy recovery!!!!!! :-) There's alot of this going on.. all over the world actually... it's weird isn't it??


Queenie~ said...

Bless your heart...I hope you aren't getting that bad mess that your Mister had...I feel so sorry for you both. I hope he's feeling better this week. My DH said that there is some bad virus going around at where he works and it's been putting people in the hospital with dehydration. I hope you don't get sick...I hope we all stay well, fingers crossed with a prayer. I am just like you are.... when someone is sick in the house...I try to wash everything and spray everything down with Lysol...for real! Everybody will be running around coughing from the smell of cleaning products....LoL...Including myself...gotta kill those germs.
Oh, girl....The pictures of your little box look soooo cute...you are such a better photographer than Me...I love where you put your little box... I'm so delighted that you like it!
You are such a doll...thank you for all that you said!
Big Hugs,

onlymehere said...

I'm running out to buy stock in Lysol bz I see many cans being bought down in Texas to ward off this plague! LOL!. Seriously, I hope he starts to feel better soon. Isn't it crazy how fast men lose weight? I'm sending you a virtual cup of chicken soup to help you ward of the bug that's invaded your Mister and a cup for him too bz I hope by now he can eat something. Take care dear friend and take care of your Mister and your Genius. That box is really cute and Queenie did such a good job on it!

onlymehere said...

Okay, the plaque must be starting here bz now I'm delerious. One of those cups of soup is for you and one is for your Mister! The sentence didn't make sense when I read it back. Cindy

bmwgal1948 said...

Hey Jessica hope the Mister is feeling better,and you don't come down with the crud! Love your new treasure. How is Riley doing?


beddow said...

The heart box is lovely. I sure hope you don't get what the mister has and I hope he is soon better. Take care of yourself.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous Box! Don't you love getting stuff in the mail! I need to buy somehting...it's been a while! Blessings, Nancy

nikkicrumpet said...

WOW that is totally gorgeous!!! I love the touch of pearls..so pretty and feminine.