Thursday, February 19, 2009

~ Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Daughter ~

Hi friends~

I wanted to thank you for all your kind comments on our guest room~ it really means alot to us. The room holds some very special memories and I'm so glad I could share it with all of you. ♥♥♥♥

Now for a little story~

My Mammaw has always been notorious for leaving her keys hanging in the front door~ ever since I can know as Moms, wives, shoppers ~ we usually come in the door with our hands full. Have to turn off the alarm, let pets out, answer the ringing phone etc all while juggling things in our hands. I have picked up this habit~ ( although the keys aren't hanging there for long ). I like to just leave the storm door closed w/the door open to let some light in the house but I have actually closed and locked the front door behind me with my keys hanging in the lock~grrrr. The genius is the one that has gotton onto me the MOST about this~

Look what the genius did the other day~

Yep~ that's her keys! She walked out of her room while I was taking the picture and she said: " You're blogging this aren't you? " I said " Yes, I am ~ as any good Mommy would " The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it~

We know this isn't a safe practice but I still thought it was funny. :)

Here is a sunrise for my friends~

What am I going to do when my tree gets leaves again. :)

Have a beautiful day!

Hugs~ J.


Queenie~ said...

Oh girl....I can't tell you the times I've done this...and left the keys in the door overnight. My son has picked up the habit too. LOL! This post is so real...and I loved the beautiful sunrise too. Hope you have a beautiful day!
big hug,

onlymehere said...

Okay, you're really not going to believe this but I swear it's true! On our wedding night my husband left his keys in the door to our apartment. We found them hanging there the next day! I even took a picture of them hanging there and put it in our wedding book! True story. I've always been grateful that we lived in a safe area bz this was an open invitation for someone to come in, and on a wedding night no less! I had the flu so they just would have found me retching but still, the thought is horrible! I'm glad you posted this, Larry has the day off so I think I'll tease him about it again!! LOL!

beddow said...

How cute! Many moons ago when Ken and I were on our honeymoon, my hubby did that (back when hotels had keys) and didn't discover it until in the morning. Now that is kind of funny but scary when you think about it now days.
I don't think he has ever done it since.

Tootsie said...

I did that once and some guy rang the doorbell to tell me ! I had locked myself in and was all cozy on the couch when some stranger rang my doorbell to tell me he could have let himself in!
stop it girls!!!!
it is kinda funny that she hassles you and does it herself!

Shelia said...

Jessica! I must be related to y'all! I do this too! This was funny!
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

~♥~ Monica S said...

Hehehe!!! I haven't done that YET! But I have left the keys in the car.. ooops!! (over night too) Luckily we live in a quiet area!


Nancy said...

Jessica, I have never done that..I have done alot of other things, but there not in this post..thank goodness! :0)
I want to ask you a question about those barbque fixed...will you tell me what seasonings you put on them...I just went to the store and bought some and I also got some of that barbque sause..can't wait to fix them. nancy

nikkicrumpet said...

I cracked up when I read she said "you're blogging this aren't you". My hubby threatens me a couple times a week...DON'T YOU DARE BLOG THIS! LOL it's so hard to resist sometimes!

Okay here is how to turn off the word verification...super quick and easy. Just sign in like you're going to do a post. But click on the "settings" tab..then click on the "comment" tab. scroll down and it will ask about word verification...just click no. and save. You're done and we're smiling lol

onlymehere said...

We weren't leaving until the next day for our honeymoon so the keys were actually in our apartment door! LOL! We ended up cancelling our plans for the honeymoon bz I figured I could stay home and be sick a lot cheaper than in a hotel room. It's a good thing too that we did bz Larry got sick a few days later. It was the worst week of my life! LOL! We finally did take out honeymonn, 25 YEARS LATER!! We only went 1-1/2 hours away to Salt Lake so really really have never travelled together. Someday, someday. Enjoy your "mental health" break. I just got a new boss (again, third one in the past 12 months) and I sure could use one too! I have a blog coming up soon that may surprise you and it includes you!! LOL!

Barb said...

Hi Jessica,
Did i ever answer your question aobut linking to my blog??
I would love for you to do that.

Also, I am havng my 100th blog giveaway in a couple of days
on my Barb's Treasures site.

Come on by, but don't sign up too early. Wait for the "enter now" post!

Barbara Jean

onlymehere said...

Jessica: Would you stand on your head just a little bit? LOL! There, I asked but I only asked for a little bit bz it's not that great but it was fun and I was thinking about you! I have to hurry and work hard today so that I can go to Salt Lake with Jill while she tries on wedding dresses!!! I'll be working a split shift so I'll work into the wee hours of the night/morning to make up the rest of my shift! Have a great "cleaning out the garage day." Mine could use it to by getting rid of that big "hunk of cheese" in the middle of it! Did you ever read my post on that? I'll link it to you another day if you want but it was titled something like Don't let a suitcase full of cheese....! Cindy

onlymehere said...

Here's the link and it was on September 16th so I don't think we'd met yet! It will explain my "suitcase full of cheese" comment! If you're bored take a look. Now I really must work!! Cindy

Mary / Mariah said...

Hi friend and sister , I hope you'll stop in and pick up a sisters aword I hae for you .
Say hi to your family for me .