Saturday, March 21, 2009

~ 37 Reasons ~

This weekend is My Mister's 37th birthday!
Here in no particular order are
37 reasons why I love & adore him.

1. He believes in God

2. He is gorgeous ( inside & out )

3. He has the BEST laugh
4. He is a wonderful man... father,son,grandson,brother,uncle, husband
5. He loves his family....with his whole heart ( it's the size of TEXAS )
6. He has the BEST smile
7. Sometimes, I call him my overgrown 5 year old...
( Look @ him~ CA-UTE! )

8. He thinks I'm funny
9. He puts the toilet seat down and puts his laundry in the basket ( yea he rocks! )
10. He goes with me to the dentist~ awe
11. He still makes me weak in the knees when he walks in the room
12. He vacuums ( occasionally :)

13. He takes the trash out ( everyday ) without asking

14. He is a hard working man

15. He has given me the most wonderful family

16. He loves animals

17. He encourages me in everything I do....including blogging :)

18. When he says " I love you " he really means it

19. He is very smart & loves history ( the history )
20. He only stomps a little when we go to the 'junk' store :)

21. His heart is pure gold

22. He really likes it when I sing~ ( not )

23. He is the best darn stump jumper I've ever known~

24. He believes in me
25. He is well spoken

26. He is a wonderful father ( and adventuresome )

27. He feeds us the 2 main food groups ( often ) ice-cream & Mexican food

28. He spoils us rotten

29. He keeps me warm ( & my feet warm, too :)

30. He is the most generous kind hearted man, EVER.

31. He can reach very tall things~ YEAH!

32. He oohs & ahhs appropriately over new treasures

33. & is a good sport....about it. :)

34. He loves sunrises & sunsets, too ( we were married @ sunset )
35. He is my rock
36. He gives the best hugs

37. & the best kisses

      The best thing about him~ he really loves little old me....I am a lucky girl.

    Happy Birthday Mister!

    There is no greater love than mine for you...

    Always & forever, J.


    Happy To Be said...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER!!! Wow 37 and 37 reason why you are sweet Jessica of you to do this for your sweetheart...have a wonderful Birthday Mister...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

    nikkicrumpet said...

    Awww that was the sweetest post ever! It just made my heart feel fuzzy. I love it that you two are so happy together and are so perfect for each other. That is a beautiful thing and a wonderful gift. Happy Birthday to your HOTTIE!

    onlymehere said...

    Happy Birthday Mister!! Believe it or not I really love the picture of him with the cat on the sofa! I don't know if you took the picture or the Genius did but he has love just oozing from his eyes!! You are a very lucky girl. As per #9, toilet seat and laundry baskets, my husband does that too and it does make me smile too! Very important things in my book!! Have a great day celebrating his birthday and a fantastic weekend! Cindy

    P.S. You can't vote but you could enter to win it and give it to me, heehee! J/K, but I do hope I win!

    Belinda said...

    Jessica my Darling, You made this old lady cry! But You need to know that You are the angel that came into my sons life (and ours) at just the right time and saved his world when things were tough, You and You alone showed him what REAL Love is and for that we Thank you! He and the rest of us are the lucky ones!! Love U, Mom

    sue said...

    oh J how sweet!! Happy Birthday Mister! You have a wonderful man J, you are 2 lucky lucky people! And what a sweet message from MIL, how wonderful to have a relationship like that too! Have a fun weekend together, oh and BTW, you guys are YOUNG!!! LOL!! xoxoxo

    Tootsie said...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER!!!!! I hope you know how lucky you are to have such a doll of a wife!!!!
    hope this is the best day yet...but not the best ever....(hey...have to leave room for more!)

    bmwgal1948 said...

    You two are so blessed to have each other. Mister, I hope your birthday rocks! Linda

    ~♥~ Monica S said...

    Aw!! That is so nice.. you know many of those features can be spotted even on photos!! :-)
    Happy birthday Mister!! from NORWAY
    "Gratulerer med dagen!!"


    Ashley ~ said...

    How blessed you both are to have found each other*! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER*! (((b~day hugs))) _Ashley*

    Betty said...

    Oops I am so sorry I didn't check this weekend so can I still wish him a Happy Belated Birthday!
    I love that he makes you so happy!


    Queenie's Vintage Finds and Treasures said...

    Hey J!
    Happy Birthday to your sweet and handsome Mister! This is the sweetest post....I hope you both had the time of your life celebrating his special both are sooo blessed to have each other....I enjoyed seeing all of your pictures....
    Big Hugs,