Monday, March 16, 2009

Hi friends,
I've missed ya'll! I have been so crazy this past week....I didn't even have a moment to blog. I'm having serious withdrawal'
A cold front came in on Wednesday so I haven't been able to work in the yard since then but I did snap a few pictures before the cold, rainy, wind front came in. :)

Last year is the first time I bought coleus....& I found out that I absolutely LOVE it~ Can you see why?

Home Depot had 6 packs of baby coleus for $1.99. I bought 3 and stuck them in pots everywhere.....I believe you should over stuff your planters for fuller looking plants.... I can't wait for these to grow. :)

As I was butchering away on my back flower bed.....I noticed my geraniums where coming into bloom. I love geraniums for many reasons....1. I've had them for 3 years and they always survive. 2. They bloom heavily through most of the year 3. They are just pretty.

Then the cold front started coming in. As I was inside scrubbing away and rearranging some cabinets ( again ) I realized I am pretty OCD~ I always dry off all the faucets in the house~ I DO NOT like water spots.

Then I realized how much I love the view outside the kitchen window~

We have knockout roses, white lantana, salvia & white daisies used as ground cover....I just love white in a garden. I even planted some TEXAS bluebonnets. I would love to have a yard full of our beautiful state flower. I had to trim everything back alot this year, I guess because of the snow. So for now it's a little plain. I will take more pictures as everything starts to fill in again.

Gracie likes to look out front, too.

Meanwhile back inside....Sammy loves Mr. Cow~

& Benjamin doesn't mind sharing his space with Mr. Cow either~

I hope everyone is doing great! Have a wonderful week!!
Big hugs~ J.


Nancy said...

Good Morning Jessica, Your garden Is so inspiring! Our weather here as been so rainy...can't get out and do anything! "They say" nice weather is coming this week! I sure hope so...cause you have put the spark in me. Thanks for sharing all your garden beauty.

Blessings, Nancy

~♥~ Monica S said...

Hi Jessica!

Sorry I didn't come by yesterday.. my computor suddenly lost it's internet connection!??! HM!
I'm back today though!

Love your garden!! It makes me want to move to a warmer climate like yours!!


onlymehere said...

Jessica: I am sooooo doing cartwheels here too. I had a mass in my chest once and the surgeon told me that he had to open me up right then and remove it bz he was sure I had lymphoma. Someday I'll give you the whole story but suffice it to say that my whole spirit/soul cried out not to have it done but to get a second opinion. I got FOUR! All the other three told me not to have the surgery. It turned out to be an enlarged lymph node and mega doses of antibiotics took care of it so I can relate to the fear and the extreme euphoria that comes from conditions like this. Also, I believe that this is a blessing from blogging. When people know we struggle they pray for us (at least in our blogging buddy universe) and I truly believes that it helps get God's ear a little faster! You have my email, feel free to use it any time for any reason/comment that you don't want to post publically! Have a great day today. Quick quest though, did your kitchen window used to be a doorway? I love how long it is and it must give you a beautiful view of those flowers! Me

onlymehere said...

Make that "quick question" not "quick quest." Silly me, brain working faster than the fingers!

Betty said...

I love coleus too! I brought my "Puddin touch" geranium in the house last fall. It is beautiful and full but no flowers, I think it needs to get back outside for that but it has a bit to wait. My cat always looks for something to use for a pillow or to cuddle up with.
Have a great day!


Queenie's Vintage Finds and Treasures said...

Hey Jessica!
Everything looks so pretty...I love the way the sun comes in your kitchen and the view outside onto your porch. Makes you want to just go outside and sit and take it easy a while don't it?! My back porch is always calling my name! Especially the rocking chair! I love being outside. Your coleus are beautiful, and so are the roses, and geranium. Everything is already so green's gonna fill in so pretty... before you know it. I definately want some pots of coleus this year! I've been working outside some too, cutting things back and raking ect....I love this time of year!
Seeing Gracie and Sammie always put a smile on my face! Your kitties are such sweeties one snuggled up sleeping, and the other one taking in the great outside view....gotta love 'em! This is such a fun post! I hope your week goes great....I hope you get the chance to just kick back a while and enjoy that gorgeous yard of yours.... you deserve it sweetie!
Big Hug!

Tootsie said...

thanks for the gardening lesson today!!!! loved it!
I think that the view outside is wonderful
I too dry off the taps...thought it was just a tootsie
I see that some of your "garden" plants are the ones I can only grow inside the house...that lacey philodendron..for example...I am super jealous of your climate!

Magnolia Memories08 Seeing With The Heart said...

Hey Jessica
First time to visit your blog.It is so warm and friendly.I enjoyed your gardening today. Please stop by when you can.
Another new blogging friend.
Have a great week.

bmwgal1948 said...

I always enjoy your blog when I get to see your flowers and fur babies. I love bluebonnets. We would take road trips when we loved there to see them. I wish I had framed some of my pictures. I can still picture their beauty. Take care and don't work to hard. I have been really busy with work. Love you Friend! Linda

Happy To Be said...

Hey Jessica...glad to see you back girl I have missed your garden looks so pretty to me..we are just starting to bloom here in the mountains...
Well girl my desktop is at repair shop and I won't have it back until Thursday...and my laptop I still have but its the one that won't send out emails for me...Internet service says they can't figure it out either..I opened a Gmail, Yahoo mail and hot mail and even those won't send so its something in the laptop it on Thursday it will go to shop when I pick up my desk top..oh the fun I am having here..The only way I can post pics is to take new ones right now..and girl to do that I would have to clean things up ha ha!! I did pics yesterday for a Blue Monday post..but my daughter didn't leave until 9pm and I was to tired then to do it...Hope you are doing great girl..thanks for coming by...hugs and smiles Gloria

nikkicrumpet said...

OOOH I can't wait until our flowers start to bloom...but we still have months to go. I guess I'll just have to come here and enjoy yours!

Shelia said...

Hi Jessica! I just love those flowers too! Such pretty colors! Your home is so pretty and your little fuzzy faces are just precious!
Be a sweetie and hopefully our cold weather is gone.
Shelia ;)

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Jessica, You had to do this. Didn't you!! I am so jealous. The greenhouses here are even selling plants yet. It's way too cold. I can't wait to play in the dirt!