Sunday, May 10, 2009

~ Happy Mother's Day ~

This is my Mother~
Wasn't she beautiful? I was told she would " light up the room" when she walked in ~

Mother & I next to her poster~ Her picture was on a billboard and several posters throughout Houston. This was to encourage people to be a blood donor. { That's me in her tummy on the poster. :) }

Mother & I on my 3rd birthday....she passed away when I was 3 1/2 years old.

Then 'Mammaw' became my Mother~

I am so thankful for her....she is a wonderful Mother~

This is my Mother-in- law....

Adorable isn't she?

Mister & my M-I-L

Then,she became MINE, TOO! SHE SO ROCKS!

Mister & Mammaw { his great grandmother }

I've taken a little bit of each of them and hopefully made them proud. But, by far my very favorite is....

Being HER Mother ~

The most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.

I love ya'll~ with all my heart.
Always~ J
Listen to your spirit ~ whisper to your heart


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Jessica, Thanks for sharing your story. You are lucky to have so many wonderful women in your life. I am so sorry you lost your mother at such a early age. But, you grandmother is so special to take you in. Who could resist your were/are a living doll. I am so glad god blessed you with your own daughter. Good looks run in your family. Hugs, Terrie

Shelia said...

Oh, beautiful Jessica! What a beautiful mother you had. You look like her. I can't imagine loosing one's mother so young. But God had a plan, didn't He? He gave you your grandmother and a mother in law! I know your mother would be so proud of you today! Your sweet, warm, loving heart shows in you posts! I'm so thrilled I've gotten to know you!
Your daughter is just precious!
I hope you've had a lovely day!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

onlymehere said...

Thinks sheds a whole new light on why your are so close to your mammaw! I can see happiness just radiating in your eyes in these pictures. Your Mister and Genius are so fortunate to have you as a companion and mother. What a great DIL and granddaughter you are too. I hope that Jill and I can have that kind of relationship. Happy Mother's Day to you too sweet friend!

onlymehere said...

Sheesh, make that "this" not "thinks", and "you're" not "your." I'm honestly too tired to work nights, LOL!

Nancy said...

Hi Jessica, Love all the pics..Your mother was BEAUTIFUL! It is so wonderful that your Grandmother was there for you. I can see lots of happiness in everyone! Happy Mothers Day! Nancy

Betty said...

Jessica, I cried and smiled as I read your post. You turned out beautiful Jessica, certainly outwardly but definitely inwardly as well.


raxx a day in the life said...

Jessica what you've gone and got me all teary this Monday morning! Your mom was a beauty and she shared it with you and your daughter.

Isnit it a blessing to love your MIL? Mine is the best too.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Jessica
This is such a beautiful post. I am sorry to hear about your Mom. She was beautiful, just like you. I loved the picture of you and your Mammaw and the recent pictures of you and your lovely daughter.
We had our Mother's Day in March so it was just an ordinary day for us.
Thanks for sharing all your precious pictures.

Happy To Be said...

GM Jessica...what a wonderful Mother's day post you did my friend...Your mama was just a real I can see where you got your beatiful smile from...and girl no wonder you are so crazy about your Grandma..Love ya sis...May you have a great blogging rest...I did that last week myself just need it sometimes to rethink my life...hugs and smiles my friend Gl♥ria

sue said...

J I'm so sorry I missed this Mothers Day post, but now I sit here crying as I think of you losing your Mommy as a 3 1/2 yr old! Oh my God I am so sorry, it truely breaks my heart sweetie. I'm so glad you have had so many loving women in your life, and now, a Mom yourself to a beautiful daughter! God Bless you sweetie! xxoxo

Queenie's Vintage Finds and Treasures said...

Hey Jessica,
This is such a beautiful post...your mother is beautiful and I think she would be so very proud of the sweet lady that she gave life to. "YOU" You look like your mama...all of the pictures of you and your family are so are so blessed. I hope you had a very Special Mother's Day, you deserve it. Mine was really nice. I didn't have to cook and my sweetie took me out for supper for Mexican favorite food! So it was a great day!
Thank you so very much for taking the time to stop over and wish me a Happy Mother's Day....I really appreciate that, and I am truly sorry for not getting over to your blog sooner.
I love seeing all of your pretty flowers and..... come on now.... I think you are a professional flower arranger! Girl, that arrangement is magnificent. I love that you chose a copper pot to showcase it in! Very pretty...I hope you are feeling well now...I know what you mean about feeling a little under the weather...I had a cold recently and it kept trying to linger around. I think I've shaken it off now.
Gracie is soooo cute too! Girl, I cracked up when I saw her peeping under the door. My Rocky does that too! Too Cute of a post...I loved it!
I hope that you enjoy your break and I will be thinking of you as always and I will be looking forward to visiting again and catching up with you!
Have a beautiful day!
Big Hug,

nikkicrumpet said...

Your mother was such a beauty. I'm so sorry you lost her when you were so young. But what a blessing that you have been surrounded by wonderful women who have taught you how to be a marvelous mom yourself!