Friday, July 3, 2009

~ Tootsie's Flaunt Your Flowers ~

Welcome to Fertilizer Friday~ Flaunt you Flowers

Hosted by our very own Tootsie

This week I waited on this rosebud to bloom

Here's a close up....still no rain in sight....that's from our sprinkler...sigh

Our wisteria and morning glories are growing like crazy~
in fact it's quite a mess...on the left side at

the climbing roses are doing well~

That's all I have this week...Thank you~ Tootsie for hosting! Ya'll can visit Tootsie and all the FF participants @

Ya'll have a great weekend!

Happy 4th of July

God Bless America

Big hugs~ J


Outside In said...

Beautiful! Happy Fertilizer Friday!
and happy 4th!

onlymehere said...

You're making me want to plant some roses!! We had roses at our other place but I don't know why we didn't plant any here. I'll have to get a start of Larry's great grandma's yellow rose from his mom. She carried a start of it all the way across the ocean and the plains from England. I hope Wanda still has a start! I know my brother-in-law over by Denver took a start and his are growing beautifully!! Thanks for sharing the roses and rose buds. Enjoy your weekend and I hope it rains for you soon!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Jessica
Your roses are gorgeous. I am always amazed how lovely and green your garden is even though you never get any rain. You must water it lots. We have rain today and it's much cooler. My garden is happy once again.
Have a great 4th July weekend.

Jacki said...

Your roses look great and I am jealous about your morning glories. Mine are sill just a few inches tall. They should start going up in about 2-3 weeks. I'm glad I visited your garden :-)

bmwgal1948 said...

Your flowers are gorgeous as always.
I am burning up here in Pensacola.The good news is, no hurricanes for me or you so far!

Have a great weekend!
Love You friend!

Tootsie said...

love you sunshine...!!! we have had huge thunderstorms , hail and big wind here....going boating today!!! thanks for joining today...your flowers are fabulous and I love seeing your are just so inspiring to me...say hi to my girl...and mister too...have a good 4th!

Lauren said...

Those roses are such beauties! Thanks for sharing and happy FF to you!

RainGardener said...

What beautiful flowers you have - in spite of the lack of rain. It all looks good. Wish we could send you some of our 'only too famous' wet stuff but we've been a bit short ourselves lately.

Betty said...

Your roses are so beautiful. I wish mine were doing half so well!

raxx a day in the life said...

Hi Jess!!

Whew!! Friday was a busy busy day for me!! At the office they decided to work on Satuday (today) to take care of some outstanding matters, I suggested that we work late of Fri (yesterday), because I NEED my weekend! lol!!

Sorry I could not get back to you on your questin about the passion fruit vine, I think that the fact that yours is flowering means it's doing fine in the pot, and very soon you'll have the fruit!

Your garden looks beautiful as usual esp your roses!

It's the rainy season here and I have two rose buds about to bloom! I know if the rains are too heavy they wont open as they should! sigh!!

Have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

RainGardener said...

Thanks for stopping by. I had a little more time this morning so thought I'd go all over your blog. Great shots of the skydiving and your daughter coming down. And I loved the one to your Dad on your 1st Father's Day without him. I posted a letter I took to my Dad as this will be our last Father's Day together. I was amazed that there were lots of Mother's Day posts and look at all of the 4th of July posts but go count the Father's Day posts - I can count them on one hand. How sad. But that's just of the blogs I know in fact I commented to somoneone about don't gardeners do Father's Day? LOL

Shelia said...

Hi Jessica! Oh, what a beautiful rosebud and even more beautiful rose! You must have the prettiest yard. You have so many beautiful plants! Hope you had a great 4th!
This song playing on your blog "Life is a Highway" makes me think of my daughter when she was in high school. She had a tape of Randy Crowl singing this!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :0

onlymehere said...

Have I said that I love your new pictures on the side bar? I'm glad you put mammaw ther since she's such a big part of your life. I also can't get over the skydiving photos! So crisp and clear and exciting!! Do you think maybe, just maybe, someday you'll go with them? If you hear a knock on the door tonight don't worry, it's just me taking you up on your offer of the beach, LOL!! If only......