Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~ Blue Love Bugs~

Are you wondering why the genius and boyfriend { bear } are sitting in my kitchen sink?

because these 2 love bugs painted our chairs the prettiest shade of blue....

{ they did a GREAT job }

Their feet even turned out blue~

{ how does THAT happen...lol }

I did put them to work this weekend....pulling weeds, moving plants and painting. I've been injured for a few weeks...and these 2 have helped me SO much. I think I've officially adopted the genius' boyfriend who has wormed his way into our families heart....I absolutely adore him. Awe~ I know. His name for blog purposes will be 'bear' from now on. :)

Thank you Genius & Bear for your help and for not minding hanging out with little ole me.... ( oh and for going to Home Depot, playing Monopoly and getting ice-cream....yum :) You know what else? They are super fun and they think that I am kind of fun, too.

Have a beautiful day!

Hugs~ J


Shelia said...

Morning, Jessica. That's the way to treat those kids! :) They are really cute and those chairs look great. That is a great shade of blue! What did you do to yourself? I hope you're alright.
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

onlymehere said...

Shelia always just beats me here! Someday I'll be here first, I just know it, lol! Yes, I'll be here at my desk working on Thursday. It's the story of my life. Soon work should pick up again and I'll be going crazy with it and not able to check blogs so much. This business is so much feast or famine. I tend to get busy when everyone else slows down and vice versa! I love the blue chairs and even the blue feet, they made me smile! I'm glad he's wormed his way into your heart. It's so great when the boy/girlfriends can be our friends too and we all get along. Nicholas had a girlfriend a few years ago that fought with Brianna over everything, and I do mean everything! We really tried to love her but she just didn't fit in. I'm not saying Brianna was always right but I hated the contention. Thank heavens she did something that made Nicholas call it quits. It broke his heart but he found someone so much better suited for his personality that he loves so much more! Sorry too that you've been injured. I really should have been there to do your laundry. Take care of yourself and I'll definitely stop by on Thursday to see what's up. My curiosity is piqued now! Me

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Jessica
The Genuis and her bear make a lovely couple. I am glad they have been helping you out and looking after you. Sorry to hear you have been injured. Hope you are on the mend. Your chairs look great. That's my favorite color 'swimming pool blue'!

onlymehere said...

It's okay, you can be a stalker if you want. At least you're still around! As I told you before (I think?!) most of my blogging buddies are farming now and I don't hear from them much. It's nice to see a friendly comment once in awhile, even if it's from the same person, lol!! Okay, no I'm really getting excited to see what surprise is up your sleeve for Thursday! Me

P.S. Now I'm the stalker, oh no!

onlymehere said...

Make that "now I'm really getting excited" not "no I'm realy getting excited." Silly me.

sue said...

what did I miss?? You're injured? Was it doing cartwheels? :-) Hope you are ok J! The kids are adorable, blue feet and all, and the chairs are just the prettiest shade of blue I've ever seen, LOVE THEM!! Keep 'em workin'! xoxoxo

Betty said...

Hey Jessica! Sorry to hear you are injured. Glad that you have daughter and her boyfriend the kind that will be there for you. Not surprised your daughter is like that with you for a mom how could she not be. I'll even forgive the boyfriend for not picking my name from the drawing since he is being good to you. lol

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Jessica darling.. injured??? Now I hope it isn't anything serious. Love the blue chairs. I know the kids had a blast painting them.. looks as though it continued while they cleaned up.. cute, cute cute!!
hugs ~lynne~

Queenie said...

Awww, those two are sooo sweet...and your chairs look gorgeous, what color is that? I want it on my adirondak chairs!
By the way....I hope you are feeling better from your injury....I didn't know you'd been hurt.
Big Hugs,