Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~ Sammy the Guinea Cat ~

So, Sunday afternoon...the Genius' boyfriend, 'bear' had a project to do for class. He is in college and studying to be an EMT-B and plans to go through the fire academy in January. Mister was helping him practice taking blood pressures, pulse etc. Eventually they needed another patient...NOT ME...I'm tired of being a patient :) Sammy....volunteered....sort of.

Here is....sweetly minding his own business....

Then Mister is demonstrating how to hold c-spine...you can also check the patients air way, like this.

{ I promise Sammy was not hurt during this project....he is so easy going he purred the whole time } Look at his head...it looks so small...lol.

Afterward....the patient was just fine....

but later decided he needed a bandage...lol.


I wanted to thank all of you for checking in on me. I am doing better....I'm in physical therapy and doing the 'at home' exercises, which basically constitutes pushing on the bulging disc....not fun. I've also been back at work since last Thursday. I'm not able to turn my neck all the way on either side but have much more movement and the pain level has decreased....considerably. I am experiencing numbness and tingling...down my arms and hands and it radiates to my legs. My hips & lower back stay sore....but my neck feels better { weird isn't...lol. } It isn't anything I can't handle though....your outlook & attitude are everything I believe. With the love & support from my family who I owe soo much, too....and with all of you....I can deal with this. I will be having my last round of injections this Friday. Thank you all again....for everything.


Love~ J


onlymehere said...

At the beginning I was wondering how in the world a cat would sit still for all of this without scratching somebody or hissing up a storm. Good old Sammy! He actually looks pretty content in the pictures. I noticed too that the Genius still has her sunglasses on! I remember well learning to give injections. I was so scared to do it to somebody (we had to practice on each other after practicing on oranges, hmm, wonder if they still do the orange thing?) but it all went well. Did I ever tell you that in my late teens I went to school and became a medical assistant? I learned quickly though that I'd rather transcribe it than do it! I later went on and did medical assisting after getting a degree in that. Funny where life takes you. I'm glad you're feeling better too. Isn't blog land great?! We truly do make "real" friends!

onlymehere said...

P.S. It's a ton easier giving an injection to a person rather than an orange!

Shelia said...

Hi Jessica...one suggestion...little big Sammy may need a diet plan! :) He must be a good kitty!
Everyone looks so cute!
BE a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Betty said...

Sammy probably just loved the attention and he knew Daddy wouldn't hurt him for the world. I am so glad you are doing better, keeping you in prayer.
Have a great week!

Queenie said...

Oh Sammy is soo cute! It looks like he likes his bed, unlike our Rocky! Lol!
I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling some better...that trip in the city and out to dinner with family, sounds like so much fun...I'm glad that you all could spend some time together, and what better thing to do than eat?!
Big Hugs to ya!

onlymehere said...

I'm sure they have a much better way of teaching injections now than the way we learned. I learned almost 30 years (maybe a little more) ago! I'm so freaking old! I hope PT goes well today and that you enjoy your busy, busy day, after all there's no humidity! I've heard it's miserable when it's humid. I live in a desert so we get just a hint of it and I'm suffering! :)