Monday, November 9, 2009

~ Homecoming ~

Hi friends,

This post is a little delayed....homecoming was actually the weekend before last. Most of ya'll know this is our daughter's senior year. You may have to bear with will see a lot of the genius. I hope you don't mind.

Bear gave her a gorgeous mum~ & I snapped a few while she was putting on her finishing touches.

You could say I snapped a lot of pictures....while she was trying to run out the door.

I followed them to the truck, AWE~

He always opens the door for her....and if I say so myself...she looked gorgeous & he was ever so handsome.

Your friend~ J


Debbie said...

Precious memories and you are right they both looked very nice.

Shelia said...

Morning, Dear One! Oh, how sweet and precious these pictures are! Now that is one of the biggest homecoming mums I've ever seen! :) They make a cute couple, Jessica. You just go ahead and enjoy Genius' senior year!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

onlymehere said...

Where did she ever get that Hound's tooth coat? Mom used to have one similar to it! She looks so pretty and those flowers are beautiful. I'm happy that we get to see even more of the Genius now that it's her Senior year! Her life has to be much more interesting than mine and teenagers fascinate me! I know Kaje' keeps me on my toes for sure, lol! Does she cheerlead for basketball or any other sports. Our high school was so small that if you were a cheerleader then you did it for all the school sports. I got the impression that she just did it for football though. I hope you're having a nice day. Mine has been mostly down, but more on that tomorrow, lol!

Erin said...

She's gorgeous, but even better, good job, Mom, raising a girl who expects that young man to treat her like the lady she is. You've done good!

Sophia said...


She is absolutely beautiful. One can see where she got her beauty from...YOU! And I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE her coat! :)

Betty said...

She is beautiful, nice looking couple. Look forward to sharing her senior year with you.

Queenie said...

Beautiful Homecoming Pictures!
Hope you are having a wonderful week J! It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas is too isn't it?! I can hardly wait to decorate for Christmas can you?!
Talk to you again soon...
Big Hugs,