Wednesday, December 30, 2009

~ True Christmas Blessing ~

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We feel particularly blessed, this year. Not because of store bought gifts but because Mister's 2 boys were here for an entire week!! I know you haven't heard of them before....there are a few reasons why. The relationship with their mother at times has been somewhat....let's just say....trying. That's all I'm going to say....I know you understand. They have been here several times this year and I have always felt horrible....not including them in my life here in bogland. After all....I post about our life and the boys are a BIG part of it.

I know you will welcome them with open arms.

This is the first Christmas in 11 years that we have had the boys on was super special. I think I cried every day.....good tears. They do not live in our state so we do not get to see them as often as we would like....but that has slowly begun to change over the last 12 months....mainly due to the oldest Nick who turned 17 on 12/23. We had a surprise party for him ( I will share that with you later ). The youngest J.S. is 15 1/2. You don't know how good I feel being able to share our entire family with all of Y-O-U!! Whew!!!

Thank you....I know you will love them.

Now, there are no more signs of Christmas in our home.....although I miss being surrounded with our Christmas treasures....there just isn't any room. We took our tree down Christmas night. All the ribbons and our old & new ornaments are lovingly packed away until next year....sigh.

I wanted to share our Christmas pictures with you. Here we ALL are on Christmas Eve. We went to a beautiful candle light service at our church....where Nick made a profession of was amazing to witness him that night. Then we came home and took lots of pictures.....real pictures and super silly pictures.

We had a blast!!

Do you see how short Mister He is 6'2" and Nick is 6'5". J.S. is now 6". Unbelievable. I stand at a staggering 5'2 3/4 ha....imagine how very small I felt. :)

The memories of this truly special Christmas.....will last a life time~

I couldn't ask for anything more.



onlymehere said...

Beautiful family and such fun picturs! I'm 5'4 and my husband is 6'1 so I know how you feel! If you stretch me out to be as skinny as my Mister though I stand several feet taller than him, lol! The youngest boy especially looks like his dad. I'm so glad you're reconnecting. I just loved this post. Now I feel bad for the dreary one I just posted, lol! Thanks for the smiles bz I really need them today! Oh, oh, there I go being selfish again making it all about me.....I'll work on that. {{big smiles}}

Queenie said...

Hey J!
I am so happy for you, and your family.... that's so wonderful that the boys got to come stay with y'all for Christmas! It's so very nice to meet them...they look so much like Mister too. I can tell they love to have fun!
Those are Beautiful famiy photos...I can see and feel the happiness bursting off the screen. Thanks for sharing them ...hope you and your sweet family have a safe and Very Happy New Year! Times like this.... when we get to spend time with our family are truely priceless...God is so good!
Big Hugs,

bmwgal1948 said...

What a special Christmas for you guys! You all look so happy!


dude8001 said...

Before you get weirded out and wonder who this's Cindy (onlymehere!). I'm just about ready to go to bed but am signed into Travis' account updating his mission blog. I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I'm so sorry about your friend's dad and his passing. I'll keep her in my prayers. It's so hard to lose a parent, whether they've been ill or it's a surprise death. I pray she may be comforted. I also had to come back and look at these pictures. They make me smile! Cindy