Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome to Fertilizer Friday~ hosted by Tootsie!

~ Thank you Toots for hosting ~

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I've been playing with my camera again and thought this was a unique view from one of our geraniums.

I love the way the little buds look.

This is on of our knockout roses in the front garden~

night view

You can see some of last weeks miracle snow....and frozen knockout roses here. Thanks so much for coming by.

Have a beautiful and safe weekend!



onlymehere said...

This camera is amazing! I can't believe how sharp the picture is and how great the night picture turned out. Awesome! How are things down there now? I'm freezing to death. Yesterday we set a record at -12 degrees. This is why I don't like snow. It's pretty but it brings the cold with it! Last night I wrapped myself up in Travis' Jazz fleece blanket. My heart was warmed and I felt better :)

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Don't ya just love Geraniums?!
They never give up.
Love the photo of them.

Darla said...

You photos are beautiful. Lovely Christmas decorations and your hat and jacket look cozy!! Love the snow photos too....yep, I was poking around here.

Tootsie said...

hi honey bunch!!! I love the way you took that photo of the geranium!!! your photos always turn out so clear...I spent big bucks on my camera and can't get squat to look good anymore...maybe I should read the
thanks for linking in...hope you have a great weekend!

onlymehere said...

What do you mean it's cold at 70 degrees?!!! We're making new records for lows here! It was -13 degrees yesterday and today won't be much better. My hands have deep splits and fissures from the cold and from doing dishes by hand. Ouch! Otherwise I'm doing okay. For the most part I'm doing better than I thought. There are moments though when the loneliness just washes over and leaves me not caring about too much in my life. If I could just hear his voice it would help so much but I have to wait six months for that until Mother's Day. I'm busy at work and that helps. I try to stay busy otherwise too. I think I need a tad more virtual hand-holding for a bit and then I'll be okay. I got his address Wed. night and mailed him a letter on Thursday. Brianna mailed one yesterday and Larry will mail one today. At least that's something!

Queenie said...

Beautiful shots J!
Big Hugs,

Tootsie said...

just me taking a minute to stop over and say that I have been thinking about you guys all day I needed to say hello!