Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~ Just Checking In ~

Happy 2010!

I've missed y'all!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello~

Mammaw gave us this for our 10th wedding anniversary....isn't it sweet?

and just look at these friends.

Hope you have a wonderful day......I'm off to the dentist.....

{ have had a toothache for a week....sigh. }

Hugs~ J.


onlymehere said...

Oh nooooo! Mouth pain is the worst. I'd rather have a baby without any pain relievers (which I did with three of my kids) than go to the dentist and our dentist is a friend of ours!! I hope they get you all taken care of and that today turns out to be a good pain-free one afterwards. {{BIG HUGS}} Me

onlymehere said...

I just wanted you to know that I introduced your new little family on my sewing blog. Don't worry though, Mister's secret is safe with me, lol! Get better soon!