Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello friends~
I'm real excited today! They say......it might SNOW! Yay!
In the mean time....I've been cleaning out closets and doing a little nesting.

The Genius set up this little display, she did good did good didn't she?
Hope your day is beautiful!
Your friend~ J


onlymehere said...

She did a great job! I'm glad you're doing better. Same old, same old here. I've been trying to get permission from some people to sell what I make from their patterns on etsy. Man this is tough getting people to respond! I need to know before I go any further though. Busy, busy around here but nothing to show for it!

Shelia said...

{{{{Jessica}}}}! I've missed you! Love that thingy - I don't know what they're called but it's gorgeous and yes that little Genius did a wonderful job. I do believe she has taken this gift from her mother. :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Jeanette said...

Great job! I know you are proud of her.

Lindsay-ann said...

She did a great job with the beautiful display.
Hope your week is going well.

Betty said...

It looks very pretty. She did a great job putting it together.

onlymehere said...

Here I am stalking again! I came by to see what's new. Hope you're having a great day! Work actually is going pretty good today so I better run back to it. Me

Queenie said...

Hey J!
I've been doing some nesting too...it's fun, spring will be here before we know it! I can hardly wait! :) Your daughter did a great job on the candle scape inside of the terrarium...I love that. What can I say....She's like her mama. :)
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Big Hugs,

onlymehere said...

I saw you over at Rue's. I agree, "who voted for women's lib anyway?"

onlymehere said...

I'm here but where are you? It seems everyone must be outside playing bz no one's around my little corner of the world anymore. Maybe I bored them all to death. I'm not even getting email comments. I think I'll go take a nap after work.

onlymehere said...

I hope that everything went well with the surgery today. I've been thinking of you all day and have said a prayer for your Genius. Let me know if I can do anything....oh like fly down to Texas and do your laundry or anything! Seriously, I hope it all went well and things are looking up. Me

P.S. I posted that "ME" picture especially for you!