Friday, May 14, 2010

~ Fertilizer Friday ~

It's Friday!
You know what that's time to flaunt

I honestly don't have much to flaunt....{ yet } but we have started to see a few visitors...

We have had to replace so much this year, I know many of us have~
We are just beginning to see some progress ~ YAY! :)

We also recently added a new pathway~

I hope you enjoyed your visit~ thank you so much for coming by. I appreciate each & every comment.

Thanks Tootsie Q for hosting!

Have a beautiful weekend~ J


Beth said...

Your yard is beautiful! I love the blue Adirondack chair - looks like a great place to relax with a cup of tea. Trouble is, when we relax in the garden we often see things that need little weeds to pull. lol

onlymehere said...

Gorgeous as always! So in the heat of Texas do you have to water like crazy and work in the yard a ton? Just wondering. We're so dry here that we have to water all the time and I hate it bz there's no sprinkler system and it's ME dragging the hose around the yard. I used to love yard work but since I've lost so much function in my knees and feet it's hard to get it done.

Angel said...

What a lovely area you made with the path & the birdbath, and I love the bright blue bench!So cheerful!! Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

onlymehere said...

The bank owns it. Apparently they didn't winterize it the first winter and there's tons of damage to the interior of the house bz pipes burst and caused lots of water damage that wasn't discovered for quite some time. We have a lady in our neighborhood who looked at it before she bought the house across the street from it. She said that the people who lost the house also pretty much tore it apart before they left. Sad isn't it? Anyway I don't think they'll fix the fence for quite some time bz there's no motivation on their part to do so. They'll sell it as it to someone eventually. We went out and looked at the land my in-laws are developing and found a house being built there I want. It's a very simple rambler-type home with everything you need on the main floor. It has an oversized garage that I fell in love with. We're in no position to move right now and I don't think we'd move to the north side of the valley anyway but we really liked it. The bad thing is it's being built by another builder and not the contractor that is developing the land (my friend's husband) so I don't think we could get away with buying it even if we were in the position too. We'd have to start from scratch and have the developer build it from the ground up! He's a great contractor so we'd have a well built home so it would be worth it. If I just didn't have these darn stairs I'd love staying here. Maybe fortune will smile on me and I can get the knee fixed and stay where I am for a few years. Who knows what the future will hold?!

I'm glad you wrote a novel bz I've missed you.

Now, what's this about the ceiling falling in in your bathroom?! My poor Jessica! I hope the painting went well. I'll be painting soon too but not bz of anything dramatic. Of course, I'll blog it when I'm done, lol! Take care.

Queenie said...

Hey J!
Your yard looks!! Your plants look so pretty,
Love the walkway...and the new bird bath too. You all have been working hard, and I know it feels wonderful to sit out here and enjoy the fruits of your labor. :)
Before I forget to tell you...your new blog banner is precious. Hope you have a great week!

Big Hugs,

Betty said...

Everything looks so pretty. I like the pathway. I hope to do one this year. Your crown looks nice too. I like that cute little wheelbarrow too. I have been trying to get mulch down, didn't get any last year and everything looks....bad!
Have a great week.

Tootsie said...

hey you sexy thing!!! I love your garden have some pretty faunts for of it! Nice crown...someone must love you lots!!! hahaha!
hope you have a super week babe...I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to get around and visit anyone!!!
I planted last weekend...and I am so sore!!! hahah

Rue said...

Hi sweet J :)

Your yard looks beautiful! We're working on ours, but it keeps raining. I feel like I'm in Washington or Oregon LOL


onlymehere said...

I think I'm right where you are, busy and going crazy! I get off work and tend the girls for 4-8 hours depending on her shift. There really hasn't been much time for anything else. Kaje' finished all her AP tests and will be out of school next week. I hope to have some fun times with her this summer but she'll be working 40 hours a week saving money for next year's braces payments when her hours get cut back for school.

Also, we've had major stressful changes at work and there's no time to check blogs bz I don't take breaks at work anymore, I can't afford to. I'm hoping that a few things open up and am praying for a change for the better.

Thanks for checking in. I know you're crazy busy and I look forward to those pictures when it's all over! Have a great weekend. I'll be thinking of the great cookout Mister will be doing and of you just hanging out in that gorgeous chair watching him cook!


onlymehere said...

Just checking in on the cookout. I swear I could smell some good things being grilled on your grill that floated up my way! Have a great holiday! Miss you too.

onlymehere said...

Did that even make sense?!