Monday, June 21, 2010

~ A Special Visit ~

What a week! I actually took some time off work to spend with my family { the Genius' may be leaving in just 15 days for the military. } So, it was important we spend time together and visit some family.
We went to see Mister's great grandparents~ Pappa turned 94!

& they just celebrated 74 years of marriage.
Isn't that amazing?
They are just so special....we love them dearly and really enjoyed our visit.

Yesterday we had a wonderful Father's day...Mister wanted potato soup & corn bread and I made a triple decker white cake with chocolate icing. It was ( really it was soooo good....which is soooo bad. :)

My cake decorating skills are not the greatest but it was fun and the message was clear.....I have the best husband...who is the best father....who learned it from his father.....the BEST!

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onlymehere said...

Triple layer....I just gained 10 lbs thinking about it, lol! Wow, I can't even imagine 74 years of marriage. What a wonderful accomplishment for them! This is his GREAT grandparents?! Amazing. My last grandparent died when I was 9 years old. I had to marry to get some grandparents, lol!

So happy you had a great trip and that you pampered your Mister on his special Father's Day. Enjoy the time left that the Genius is living at home. Just the thought of her leaving brings it all back for me. She's a doll, and such a brave young woman.
P.S. I have to laugh at the word verification bz it looks like a snack for your cats! It's "micess" and I read it to be someone with bad grammar thinking there is a pleural word for "mice!" Yeah, it's late and I'm beat. It's rough working late nights on Sundays. My brain is long ago in bed by this time of night, lol! Good luck at work next week after vacationing for a week!