Sunday, September 12, 2010

~ No Longer Blue...Met Monday~

This has been a very busy weekend at The Cozy Kettle...we've been painting and installing new floors. :) YAY!
Here are a few before photos of our master bedroom. It was a beautiful blue that I painted last year but we were so ready for a change. Note: we also had Berber carpet in a creamy tan combination.

& here is our after~
I apologize for the somewhat dark photos....I decided to join this party a little late. :)

The walls have been painted a beautiful beige by Sherwin Williams, new bedding was purchased and of course the Pergo floors.
There is actually a nice contrast with the walls, bedding and cream curtains. We love the monochromatic feel in the space.

I just pulled the coverlet out of the dryer and then noticed the wrinkles.....
I was just too excited to share our little make over.

Molly loves her bed... if I can ever get it away from her~ I'm spray painting it chocolate brown. :)

I still have a little tweaking to do and I'm currently looking for a yummy rug but overall, we are very pleased with the results. We ( I ) have been wanting wood floors for.....12 years. We finally did it!
I'll have more rooms to share soon. :)

I'm linking to Between Naps on The Porch for Met Monday.

Thanks so much for coming by & have a beautiful week!



Queenie said...

Hey J!
Girl, this make-over is absolutely gorgeous!!! It's so rich looking and I love the contrast of the floors the bedding and the furniture...your new wall color looks so beautiful...I love it all...what a fun post :)
I've missed you too!
Hope you have a great week..I'm going to see what other posts I've missed out on :)
Big Hugs,

onlymehere said...

Love what you did! I have a creamy comforter too on my bed and I love that by just swapping out pillows I can make it look different. I've had that comforter for years and still love it!

Love the new wall color and the floors are very pretty too! It does feel like a new home for you doesn't it? I so need to do an update in my bedroom. It has wall paper halfway up the walls and peach carpet. I do love peach but wish I hadn't done peach carpet, especially now that the sun has turned it kind of a pinky color in the main areas. Under the bed is still the gorgeous stone color I put in but no one sees that, lol! I have crown mold in the room that's oak and I'm tempted to paint it but then you wouldn't know it was real oak! Someday when the kids are gone I'll get it redone and then we'll sell the house, lol! Love what you're doing. You've been working so hard!

Melissa said...

Beautiful! I love the contrast, too.

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

This is beautiful! I so want wood floors in my bedroom! It's on my wish list. Thanks for sharing! You did an amazing job!

Kathy said...

Your room is beautiful -The hard wood floors really add a touch of warmth

Susan said...

Beautiful job! Oh, I like the beige on the walls SOOOO much better than the blue. And the pergo floors? Perfect! Your bed is gor-ge-ous! The whole room is really elegant. Nice job! Susan

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

What a tranquil bedroom and I covet that gorgeous gorgeous bed! You don't have to ask to add my to your blog roll. You are very kind and that is more than fine with me. Have a super day.

Tracy F. said...

Very pretty. I love matelasse bedding and have used it for years.

Becca's Dirt said...

Love the makeover. The colors makes it easy to add just about any color to the room for additional accents. Love the bedding.

Chic Creations said...

Very pretty. Love the dog! Thanks for sharing.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Beautiful! I love the colors you chose and the bed looks wonderful! Coming over from bnotp! Nice to meet you! :)