Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Genius and The Driver

Hello friends,

The Genius:

One afternoon a few months ago my ( 17 year old ) daughter and I were at Walmart. She runs over to the t-shirt section and starts looking around and picks up a green shirt and says " Look Mom, I need this shirt it says 'Genius'. " I started laughing so hard I almost cried and said " Yes, you really do need that shirt but it says 'Guinness'. " So now when she has one of her 'moments' we call her genius. :)

The Driver:

Well, my genius got her drivers license last year 2 days before Christmas. My husband has been working with her driving for the last couple of years but we didn't feel comfortable just turning her loose on the road until recently. NOTE: I have only ridden with her one time about 6 months ago....just once and I have allowed her to drive my car only once and she was with my husband. :) Two weeks ago she got her Daddy's old car and officially starting driving. She is on the dance team for school so she's been driving to and from practice. Let's just say that her Mommy has had a real hard time with this. I even asked her if I could just drive her on the first day of school~ I got the look for that one. :) Well, last night we needed trash bags so she offered to go to the store. Well, the way we were parked in the driveway I had her blocked in. So I relented and told her she could drive my car. She walked out the door and I was busy in the kitchen. Then a minute later here she comes barreling in the front door saying "Mom, Mom, somethings wrong with your car." Her Daddy came running and we both ran out the front door and what do I find? My car in the middle of the street! My genius said ' Mom! The steering wheel wouldn't turn and the gas peddle wouldn't work." Daddy runs out to the car and guess what....the car wasn't even started!!! This means when she "started" the car she basically just let my car roll out into the street. My husband just hung his head in shame and said where did I go wrong. That time I laughed so hard I really did cry. She said " but the radio was on, I thought the car was started." So, be careful there is a GENIUS on the road, but she won't be driving my car. :)

Here she is....

Hope you smile,



beddow said...

Oh forgive me for laughing. I think every Mom can relate to this! My son nearly drove his car through the back of the garage, he kept saying the brakes didn't work but there was nothing wrong with them. He hit the tool box and to this day there is a mark on the floor where the paint is removed where he did brake!


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Jessica, It does make a mom nervous when our kids start driving. She'll get it!! WOW!! She is a cutie pie. She looks so sweet just like her mommy!!
Hugs, Terrie

Tootsie said...

love the story...It make me wonder who was driving the truck that nearly hit me and the kids tonight. If I had not stopped...I am pretty sure I would have died today...and the kids would have been really hurt. Be careful little careful

Jessica said...

Oh my Tootsie, that is scary. My favorite aunt passed in a car accident. I assure you that I am on pins and needles when she is out on the road. Be careful my friend.
Hugs, J.

French said...

Boy can I relate to this!! My daughter has been driving almost a year now she will be 18 in Sept!!! Yikes! Welcome to blog land and hope you enjoy the ride;) French

onlymehere said...

Hi, I'm Cindy. I went by onlymehere on RMS. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! First, your genius is gorgeous! My 15-year-old just got her learner's permit. Utah has switched the law so that now parents drive with them 40 hours on a learner's permit before they even take driver's ed. I HATE THIS WAY! My other three kids had driver's ed first and it was definitely less scary. This is also my first child who has no fear of speed....I am so definitely in trouble. I love your story though and it made me laugh out loud! Also, what part of Texas are you from? My SIL is from Leander (close to Austin).

nikkicrumpet said...

Oh MY GOSH...I just love the "genius" story!! Too funny. She reminds me so my of my Lindsey. It sounds exactly like something she would do lol. You're daughter is ADORABLE!

Sue said...

Real cute "guinness" you have.