Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our trip Downtown

Hi friends,

We are heading downtown for Sunday morning brunch....yum! Please, come along with us! Between my daughter & I we were able to take pictures while my husband was driving. This is a good way to keep me distracted. :) Here we go!

Note: the next 3 pictures were taken from the freeway.

This one is my favorite....can you see the American Flag?

Farris wheel ride anyone? ( I'm too scared...lol. )

Whew~ we are off the freeway now. :) Let's see what else we can find...

We may have been driving a little fast for this picture,but

trust me it was gorgeous.

This house stole my heart :)

We have arrived to our destination....the yummiest brunch in town. The restaurant is actually 2 old houses put together. I couldn't get any indoor pictures but it is full of charm.

This picture does not do it justice....

You can sit inside or outside by the gardens....Isn't it gorgeous?

Or you can sit up there :)

One more look at the gardens...

Now, it's time to eat. :) This is just a small sample of what you can get here. You place your omelette order and can watch them make it for you. They have all the fixings. They also have salmon, rosemary chicken, homemade waffles, fruit, cakes, breads/muffins, eggs benedict etc. etc. Not to mention the BEST chocolate covered bananas you've ever had in your life. This was just my first plate...lol.

Bye bye for now downtown....we will be back, very soon.

Thank you for coming along wih us. I hope you enjoyed it!

Hugs~ J. :)


onlymehere said...

What a fun day! The food looked scrumptious!

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Jessica! I loved the tour...I love being able to go somewhere without even leaving the house. It looks like y'all had a wonderful day. That food looked so yummy and wow that place was so charming...I loved the gardens...a perfect place for Sunday Brunch. Thanks for sharing!