Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~An Early Christmas Present~

Hi friends~

I'm so excited I just HAVE to share this! An early Christmas present. I ( WE ) bought a headboard. Now, I'm a little embarrassed to show ya'll these pictures. I've never been able to take good pictures of our bedroom. But, I am proud of how far it has come over the last few years. It is a restful & dreamy little place. Now, when we got married Mister had a king size bed ( no head board ) and I had a full size bed ( w/head board. ) The king won so we have NEVER had a headboard. Always a thorn in my side but we could never find THE one. Our bedroom furniture , ( dresser ) belonged to my parents and I inherited them. So, I needed something that looked a little ' antique-y.' ANYWHOO~ This is what our bedroom looks like~

Now, if you are wondering why the curtains are hung like that it's because there is a window behind there but it's off center w/the bed so I had to make it APPEAR like we have a larger window. Also, I recently changed all our bedding and still have the green curtains. So, please bear w/me on that. I'm going to get new cream colored ones as soon as finances allow.

This was my Mother's dresser~ I love it dearly.
It needs refinishing ( hello....Buffie~ help~winks )

We have an armoire on the other side

Now, for the POINT of this post~
I was browsing around Craig's List ( never been there before ) and I came across a picture of a headboard....no price was listed. Humf~ I e-mailed the seller and asked if it was still available & how much she wanted for it. The listing was over a week old but I figured it was worth a try. She e-mailed me right back & said yes, it was available and gave me a price. I showed husband the picture & told him the price and he said " If you want it, we'll go get it. " I almost fell over.....really I have been wanting a headboard for TEN years...lol.

So, Sunday afternoon, we borrowed my cousins truck and they went to go pick it up while I finished decorating for Christmas.

Here it is......

My husband & daughter are the sweetest, it was a 2 hour round trip.

Okay~ here it is in our room

a close-up...

Won't this look exceptionally lovely when we get our new curtains? I just COULD NOT WAIT to show ya'll. :) This has had me doing cartwheels for 2 days now...lol.
Now, guess how much we paid.....

I know, I nearly fainted myself....lol.
What do you think? Did we do good?

Have a beautiful day!
Hugs~ J


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

What a beautiful headboard. Does your bedroom look like ours or what?? I tell ya' sis!!!

I used fresco at phtobucket for the picture. I have to get to PT. If you need more help. Please.. let me know.
Hugs, Terrie

onlymehere said...

I'm so glad these pictures actually loaded for me bz that headboard is GORGEOUS!! This is my taste in furniture for a bedroom. The wood perfectly sets off your bedding! I haven't had a headboard either for my King bed, too many other places for money to go, you know?! Anyway when I was on my HGTV craze last year I made a headboard with my husband's help. It's a fabric one. Not really what I wanted most but it at least gave me a headboard so it was more comfortable to sit in bed. It's not anything nice like Nikki's but it's functional. Someday when the kids are on their own we'll get a headboard. I have an armoire I love and two end tables but not a headboard. Anyway, I love your new bedding and what you've done in here. I seriously love it!! Cindy

Nancy said...

Jessica, Congrats!!!! I love it! I know you are so happy! Enjoy! Nancy

Happy To Be said...

Jess you did great girl what a wonderful find and it looks like it belongs there..I need to check out this craiglist I see it every where..I just ove it girl...hope you have a great day...hugs and smiles Gloria

Shelia said...

Oh, Jessica! Your new headboard is breathtakingly beautiful! It's perfect and I'm so proud for you. Ten years is a long time to wait! You've been very patient! Don't you just love Craigslist?
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

~♥~ Monica S said...

WHAT??? That was quite a bargain!!! WOW! You must've been a good girl this past year ;-)

Lucky you!!


Sue said...

Wow J I was stunned when I saw this headboard, its beautiful!! What a lucky find and an incredible price!! I think I better go check out Craigs list too, never been there! Enjoy your new bed! xoxo

Picket said...

AWESOME!!!!! That is gorgoeu9s girl and just $75!!!! Get out!!!!! Oh my word that is a beauty for sure..good for you girl! Thanks for coming by...hope you are having a great week tweaking! lol

Somewhere In Time- Christie (Queenie) said...

Oh.... I love it! I want it! LOL! It looks perfect with your antique dresser and your armoire too, It completes the look in your pretty bedroom...I love just the whole "Look" in your bedroom...it's absolutely beautiful! Yes, girl you did soooo good! Your bedding is gorgeous too. Can ya tell I am excited for you?! I am so happy for you and hubby...and he was so sweet to go get it for you...

Lynne said...

Jessica this is incredibly gorgeous girl!! And what a price!! It was well worth the wait..what a wonderful Christmas present.. I'm so happy for you..loved the monogramed pillow..hugs ~lynne~

lvroftiques said...

Don't ya just LOVE craigslist!!! I have found sooo many fabulous things there!! Oohhh your headboard looks wonderful!! So rich and elegant! I'm so happy and excited for you! And I love your green drapes...and the art deco armoire...and...and...*winks* Vanna

nikkicrumpet said...

Holy cow....you did REAL GOOD with that headboard...it's GORGEOUS!! And what a steal at $75
When you do the cream drapes...just a wee suggestion. Hand the rod up higher...almost as high as you can...It will make that headboard look even more amazing because it will add height to the room. I love the pillows on your bed...the whole thing just looks wonderful. I bet you're still doing the happy dance!

beddow said...

You did real good...beautiful headboard!

Raxx - A day in the life said...

The headboard is lovely and it looks brand new!