Wednesday, December 10, 2008

~ Fluffy Stuff~

So remember this pretty tree skirt we recently purchased? Well, we decided to make it look a little fuller and used pillow stuffing to fluff it up. Turned out pretty didn't it?

Then I walked back in the room and saw this....

What in the world could have caused this to happen?

Is that my very precious sweet love bug~ Sammy?

Yep, it is....

What would cause Sammy to do something like this?

Is it because Daddy took him here?

& they made him stuff him in this carrier before they would see him....

& then they did this to him

& it took a little while....

But WAIT.....did he have a partner in crime?

Yes, he did.... Miss Gracie Jane

Where was old Mister innocent Simon during all this?

Needless to say, we picked up the oh so tempting fluffy

& all was forgiven later~

Have a beautiful day!

Hugs~ J


Darla said...

Hi, I dropped by from Tootsie's blog. Those cats are something else.

nikkicrumpet said...

I saw the stuffing under the skirt...and I thought..."what a great idea!" Then the next picture popped up and I was laughing so hard. Darn cats!!! But I gotta say...and don't take this wrong lol...that cat in the last picture has the right idea....snuggly up with Mister HOTTIE hehehe

Buffie said...

HAHAHAHA! Oh no! They look so innocent too! hahaha!

Buffie :)

I'm freezing!! Don't ya just love our winters?!??? NOT! haha

Happy To Be said...

Ha HA!! jess those are some of the fattest cats I have ever seen..looks like they been eating treats at pet smart when they go there..mine use to love to play in empty paper bags..I would give them one at Christmas so they leave my tree alone..I have not had a cat since 1984 WOW!! long time..but had my bird farm and cats like to kill my baby something had to go..hope you have a great day dear friend..loved your post today as always...hugs and smiles Gloria

Shelia said...

Oh, Jessica! What a cute post today! Your tree skirt is lovely and the idea of the stuffing under it was a good one. I think your kitties like that skirt too! This is so cute. Not having a cat, I don't know about all their little funnies! Chloe Dawn just barks alot! lol
Be a sweetie - oh, yes! I'm loving the cold aren't you?
Shelia ;)

Sue said...

J this is laugh out loud funny!!! Gosh those cats are adorable and way too smart, and Mister... way too cute!!! xoxo

Tootsie said...

girl...your whole family is too cute...Mister has a great little mischief smile! lol
Love the trouble your kitties get into...kind of reminds me of the day I had to get to I dumped my groceries in the door and ran...when I got home....24 rolls of toilet paper had been unrolled and shredded all over the living room! and one very spoiled tootsie and one very guilty Niffer lay snoozing innocently in the middle!

Marilyn said...

Oh this is just way too funny! I love those kittys ... are you sure they did this??? they just look waaay to innocent. Your skirt and tree are gorgeous too. Have a good day.

Lynne said...

Oh your kitties are darling..full of mischief..but darling...this must be a day full of animals acting silly. This is the second one I've seen..sure puts a smile on our faces don't they?
hugs ~lynne~

bmwgal1948 said...

What a funny post. I am still chuckling! You gotta love those fur babies. Linda

~♥~ Monica S said...

Oh aren't they just adroable!!??!
Actually all four of them! ;-)

Have a great day!!


Somewhere In Time- Christie (Queenie) said...

Hey Jessica!
LOL! When I saw the first picture...I thought her kitty's are gonna love that fluffy stuff.... I bet they will be laying down on it! Oh, before I even saw that the kitty's got into the fluffy stuff...I just knew they were either gonna be laying down on it or tearing into it. LOL!I was right! How did I know that? Because I've got Rocky! He would love that!
This post is so cute! I loved it....and your kitties (partner's in crime) are so precious....I loved the shot of Sammy getting groomed. I clipped underneath Rocky today to get some mattes off. He is so funny...I catch him when he's asleep and then he is very cooperative...I think he knows that I'm helping him...He lifts his little arms up and everything. Maine Coon breeds are so calm. He's a hoot. I have been having a little problem with him lately though,.....he loves my dried baby's breath that I have everywhere and he keeps getting a hold of it....every day. LOL! I keep moving the vases and he keeps finding them! LOL!

Your tree looks beautiful girl....I love all of the ribbon and the bows that you made too....and your tree skirt looks so's always such a treat just to add another new item to the tree every year isn't it? The fluffy touch is nice too and I can think of two others that are really gonna enjoy it! LOL! Have a great night sweetie! Thanks for the little chuckle tonight!

Susan S. said...

OH THOSE CRAZY KITTENS! I hope they had fun...I'm surprised they didn't EAT a lot of it. I was afraid when I saw they were going in their cage somewhere it was to the vet with sick tummies! My dog loves a particular pillow I have and I can NOT put it out...he's always ripping into it. I guess some stuffing is more tempting than others! What are you gonna do....those silly animals!

Enjoyed looking at your blog...I'll be back!

Buffie said...

Jessica go outside quick!!! It's snowing!!!!! lol!!!!

Buffie :)

Shelia said...

Hi Jessica! Yes, I saw it on the news you were getting snow! No, we're not getting any of the white stuff - just cold as all get out! Have fun.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

beddow said...

Ah how could you not forgive the pretty babies, especially after all Sammy had to go through at Pet Smart!
Bobby doesn't seem to mess with the Christmas decorations but he does sleep under the tree.


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Jessica, I thought it was a great idea, too!!! Kitty sure like to snoop around. I love the last picture of your mister with that beautiful cat.
Hugs, Terrie

~♥~ Monica S said...

HEY Jess

I have something for you!


Queenie said...

Yep, I remember this adorable post like it was yesturday! Gosh, I can't believe a year has gone by!
Big Hugs,