Thursday, January 29, 2009

~ Texting ~

Did you know the average teenager sends about 1,700 text messages a MONTH? Well, my dear sweet genius is one of those. We previously had a limit of 300 per month. That didn't last very long because we received a HUGE...I mean HUGE phone bill. The Genius sent 1,662 text messages in ONE month. Do you know what her reply was when Mister asked her how this happened ( she knew the limit )~ " I thought I only sent like 15 messages."... 15 out of 1,662? LOL! :) Well, we made a new deal w/Sprint and now have unlimited texting and thankfully no more suprise phone bills.

On with my story~ the genius & I text each other quite a bit now. She leaves for school about 1 1/2 earlier than I leave for work and she 'borrows' my things. So I send her messages like~

"here are my teezers?"

Huh? The 'W, S & Z' are no longer working on my Palm Treo....

She texted me back with ???????

My message was supposed to say~

" Where are my tweezers "

Who looks like the genius now? Yikes, hurry Sprint send me my new phone! :)

Have a "uper" day ( that's text for Super )

Hugs~ J


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

This was too funny.. My daughter and granddaughter texx all the time.. I on the other hand don't.. I don't want to pay extra for Thanks for the visit to see the chalk art..hope you have a super day at work..hugs ~lynne~

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I know kids are texting all of the time. I never text. I really don't see the point. Have a great day!!
Hugs, Terrie

Tootsie said...

my niece is a so much. I talk to much! lol

do you use the text lingo? I have to read it all out loud or I don't get it!

onlymehere said...

I miss talking to you every day! You're much better than me, I don't even know how to send a text message! I don't even have a cell phone anymore bz I'm always with one of the kids who will have one on them. I use Larry's when I go out of town. SIGH, I so need a life right now. LOL!

beddow said...

My nephew drives me nuts texting. He will be sitting there talking to you and all the while he is typing away. Sorry I try not to be a stick in the mud aunt but I told him it had to quit, talk to me and put that away.
I love him to pieces so I hope that makes up for me being just a bit of a stick in the mud.


~♥~ Monica S said...

We have three kids with phones, and we have something called a family-network.. we text and call eachother FOR FREE :-) really nice!! so we only pay for all the other messages... luckily!

Have a 'uper duper day!


Happy To Be said...

I think I am the last person in the world who don't text..loike Toots I like to talk..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Queenie~ said...

You are a hoot girl...this is so funny! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Queenie~ said...

By the way it's not funny about your phone's funny about your text not reading what they are supposed to. I bet it can be downright hilarious at times.

Sue said...

mornin J! Just stopping in for a bit today, hope you are well! This texting stuff baffles me too, how do you hit those teeny tiny buttons? Wouldn't it be easier to just talk? LOL!!! I guess it has its time and place, but I'm too old for this technology, wonder whats on the horizon in the tech world? Have a great day sweetie!! xoxoxo
P.S. LMAO, the startled "what? I thought I only sent 15 messages" LOLOL!! Gotta love those teenagers!!!