Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~ A Visitor & a Few Projects ~

Hi friends~

I wanted to share a few projects we have going on around here....but first, our visitor. Mister bought us 2 wisteria ( after our trip to the hill country a few weeks ago ). I don't think I'm the only one who liked the wisteria...

this big huge bumble~bee had a field day....

These were taken when the wisteri was sitting in pots on our patio~
Project # 1

The genius & her boyfriend decided they would put it together.....

Then, Mister was called in for reinforcement....but these 2 did try

They did a great job don't you think?

( please pardon the wilted roses in the center....I'm trying to save them because the genius dug them up because they were right where the arch needed to be )

Whew....see that ugly fence? BLUH! Would you believe it's only 3 1/2 years old?
I had to call in for reinforcement for this project....My Dad.

( He's going to get me for posting this picture.... )

Project #2

See the pretty wood grain.... oh, I can't wait to stain it...

My Dad, me, Mammaw~

Thanks Daddy for your hurry up & we ( YOU ) can stain the fence. :)

Oh and the deck, too....THANKS! ( lol. )

Ya'll have a great day!

Hugs~ J.


Darla said...

I love wisteria and your projects look great!

Betty said...

I love the arch. Your fences really did clean up good. Kudos to Dad! You wisteria is lovely. The picture of the three of you is so precious!

Nancy said...

Hi Jessica, You are getting everything ready for a beautiful Summer, aren't you!? I know the arch will be gorgeous!!! Nancy

onlymehere said...

Did he just power wash the fence to make it look that nice?! I have an ugly fence and deck that we need to do that too. The deck definitely needs to be restained this year. I'm impressed! I love the arch too. I've been looking at some garden arches to go between our house and our neighbors on the east by all my arborvitaes. We had one arborvitae die and there's a hole there. We didn't replace it though bz Brianna and her friend next door used it as a short cut. Now that they're all grown I wish we had a plant there but the next best thing is an arch. We'll see what happens and if that gets done soon or not. I'm still pretty nervous about how many plant will come back or if the lawn will. We may look pretty bad in the yard for a year or so due to the softened water last year. Hope you have a great day!

Happy To Be said...

GM Dear girl I love that arch thingy you did..and the rose should come was great of you Dad to power wash for you..He's so young girl and to see your grandma with her big smile just made my day dear friend..May you have a great week..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

nikkicrumpet said...

I love wisteria...almost as much as that big beautiful bumblebee! Looks like the projects turned out great...amazing what some power washing will do for a fence!

Queenie's Vintage Finds and Treasures said...

What a sweetheart your daddy is! I loved seeing that beautiful picture of you, your daddy and Mammaw....and that fence looks amazing, a pressure cleaner will do the trick everytime won't it?! He did a great job! I love the wood grain on decks and fences. To tell you the truth, the only reason we are even painted our decks this year is because they really need preserving big time....the Thompson's stain and seal just isn't doing the job anymore on that wood. It is really cracking up bad. The paint will seal it, and preserve it better maybe...since it's got some age on it now. I know I'll probably miss my wood grain though. I spend 6 hours yesturday cleaning the back deck and swing, and outside as soon as the weather will cooperate we'll be getting started with the painting project. I'll be glad when it's over and done with girlfriend. So I can kick back and enjoy it all. I have so many other outside projects I want to get started with too. Honey, we need to paint the outside shutters, the front door, and I have started a new flower bed, plus we have to plant the grass seed where the pool used to be at. Outside is an ongoing project it seems, but that's what keeps it fun I guess, adding something new with each passing season!
Oh, one more thing....your arbor is so pretty...and that wisteria is gonna love it there! I love wisteria too.
Hope you have a beautiful day....I'm glad you showed your projects and what you've been up to! It was fun seeing the progress...
Big Hug,

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Jessica, First of all, I love the picture of the three of you. How sweet is that? I believe he loves his baby girl!

The new arbor is wonderful! I love wisteria. I wish we could grow it here.

The fence is looking wonderful. I bet you are doing cartwheels.

I love you, my friend!!
Hugs, Terrie