Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~ Birthday Weekend...the Finale~

So, I had to find a way to throw a suprise party for the genius....Mister took her to Schlitterbaun water park Saturday morning to get her out of the excuse to stay home was a real excuse as we had some work done on the house that day. It was kind of crazy around here so I didn't get hardly any pictures of the decor. I was BUSY getting things together. I had plates & cups, stashed in my trunk for days trying to keep this party a secret. Family & her boyfriend picked up the cake & food that we ordered earlier in the week and even put icing on the

Boyfriend brought her these flowers...beautiful aren't they?

I made these yummy cupcakes....had help with the frosting and added the dollop of icing on top.

The colors were pink & green

She opened her goodies ( aren't those jeans terrible....that's what I get for throwing her a party after she was all water )

the genius & boyfriend

{ he is always here and apparently likes hanging out w/me & mister because they don't go anywhere alone....I know, I know... she's 18 but still.... }

We had lots of yummy food & lots of family over

My dad & us

We served sandwiches from Sam's ( the croissant ones...they were GREAT ) vegetable trays, crackers, cheese trays, dips, cake, ice cream, cupcakes, punch....we had tons of food.

Well, that's it! She said she had the best weekend of her I guess we did good. :)

Oh, one more skydiving thing....I thought this sign was funny~ this is posted as you walk up to the airplane hanger.

Hugs~ J


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi jessica
Looks a lovely happy family occasion and one she will remember all her life.
Your cupcakes look delicious.

Nancy said...

Hi ~J~, I think everything looks so adorable...from the cupcakes to the family pictures!!!! She will always remember her 18th BD!


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM Jessica...girl you all look like you had a great the flowers are just beautiful and its not easy to do a surprise for an 18 year old...great job...and girl I would love to fly the plane next time they want to go out ha ha!! Thanks for coming by my dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

onlymehere said...

Making this a surprise was sure to make it even more special for the Genius!! You are amazing. You take such love and care with everything you do. I also got a chuckle out of the sign about the parachutes landing! Too funny.

sue said...

Looks like a great celebration J, everything a girl could ask for! The beautiful flowers and CUTE BF, the cupcakes look so GOOD too!! Hope you all are having a great week! xoxo

Tootsie said...

she is a lucky girl!!! and I think you are lucky too...what a great kid!!
It looks like a great time...and you all look so fantastic!

Shelia said...

Happy Birthday, pretty daughter! Jessica, it looks like a wonderful day!
Be a sweetie,
shelia :)