Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~ A Few New Treasures ~

Hi friends~

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my Father's day post~ it meant alot to all of us.

Mister had a great father's day~ he requested bbq from a yummy little place. While I was gone to pick up the food~ Mammaw set the coffee table for dinner....are all you tablescapers horrified? Well, all My Mister wanted was some good food and a movie... so that's what he got. Sorry, the pic is a little dark...we had the storm shutter closed for 'ambiance' and to protect us from the Texas heat. It has been soo HOT and will be 100 degrees today.

Mammaw picked some flowers from our garden and put them in one of our goblets...
cute isn't it? Needless to say we ate too much food but enjoyed every minute of it.

I thought I would share a little project. This was a wooden clipboard I found at Michael's for $1.00. I painted it in chalkboard paint~

added some magnets to the back

& stuck it on the refrigerator....the chalk fits nicely on top and doesn't fall down when we open or close the door~ yeah! I've been wanting a chalkboard forever ( but like a massive wall one with a pretty frame.....but this heart shaped one will do nicely for now. :)

I hit a garage sale or two this past Friday and then accidentally went to Kirklands...ooops. :)
Found this cute gravy boat for $1.00. I think it goes perfectly with my other items on the kitchen counter.

Found these @ Kirklands for $5.99 a piece. No idea where they will end up. But I so loved the words on here.

Now ya'll know how much I love biscuits..... especially this one. :) Yep, I love him to pieces....
yes I do.

So when I found this super cute & rusty biscuit tin for $6.00 I had to have it.

Then I found 3 more tin canisters for $ 2.50 a piece. Double Yeah!

But my favorite new treasure is a special gift from my Uncle....we'll call him Big D from now on.

Have you noticed I have nicknames for everyone?

Big D called me a few Saturday's ago and said he " had something for me " & he was on his way over....isn't it the sweetest? I nearly balled like a baby { not in front of him, though } I truly love this and it hangs on the wall in the dining room but can be seen from everywhere in the front part of the house. Thanks D....I love you.

Hope ya'll have a beautiful day!!

Hugs~ J


onlymehere said...

Jessica, I love both of those signs. I had never heard the saying on the butterfly one. What a beautiful sentiment to remember. I think I'm going to have to post that saying where I can see it all the time. I'm so glad your Mister had a good Father's Day. Also, I don't see a thing wrong with how your mammaw set the table! I've tried tablescaping but I'm just not good at it so I gave up. My table would look pretty similar to mammaw's! Have a sweet day and thanks for visiting me. It was a great way to start my day! Cindy

Shelia said...

Morning, Dear Jessica! What a sweet sign - your family loves you so much, I can tell! Love all your finds and those old canisters are just wonderful!
I was worried about your white placemats on your table - eating barbque and all! :) I know what those white placemats would look like in the end at my house! :P
Be a sweetie and stay indoors!
Shelia ;)

Dirt Princess said...

I saw those at Kirklands and fell in love with them too, but didn't but them :(.

sue said...

Mornin J! Hope you are surviving the heat down there! Love your new tins and of course your ironstone pieces, lovely! Love the cute sign from Big D too, so sweet! Hope you have a wonderful week sweetie, and stay COOL!! xoxo

Betty said...

Thanks for sharing your treasures. I love the sayings.
Have a great week.

Picket said...

Morning girl...I love those treasures and I gotta get to Kirklands...Ohhhhh I would love some of those little signs to put on my Christmas tree! That Biscuit tin is just adorable...my laundry room is full of tins! lol That is so beautiful what your uncle 'D' gave you..isn't family just the greatest thing! Have a beautiful week sweetie!

Lindsay-ann said...

I enjoyed seeing all your treasures Jessica. I love them all, especially the three cute little hearts.
I can't imagine 100 degrees heat! It's been 73 here for the past few days and I am too hot!

Rue said...

Hi J :)

What cuteness! I love it all and your uncle D is so sweet to give that to you.

Happy birthday to the genius!! I'm not jumping out of a plane either LOL

Sorry about the visitor.


siteseer said...

Just stopped in for FF and decided to poke around. Love your photos and all your wonderful finds.

Nancy said...

OOOH I love all the treasures!!!

Crystal said...

Love your biscuit tin!!