Wednesday, July 8, 2009

~ A Butterfly for You ~

This butterfly was resting on our bougainvillea....

Thank you all for your friendship!

Hugs to all of you~ J


sue said...

So beautiful J! Have a wonderful day! xoxo

Nancy said...

Beautiful! Great photo ~J~! Fancy

Tootsie said...

How do you get such awesome shots???? I move and they fly away!!! Have a wonderful day sunshine...we thank you too for all the love and support...friendship and giggles!
guess what is happening here today? Rain and Rain and RAIN...3.5 inches in the last two days....not much by some standards...but it is certainly putting a damper on my outsidedness....I am forced to clean and blog!!! ("forced") lol
love you...say Hi to my kid!!! {8-)

onlymehere said...

You're growing more butterflies!! They're beautiful. When Brandon was on his mission (before they met and were just pen pals, long story) he used to call Brianna his Mariposa which apparently in Spanish means butterfly! He quit calling her that when she was a manager for Mariposa (a clothing store in our mall) and was losing her mind but she still loves butterflies!

In answer to your question, nope I haven't found Larry yet. He's still doing weird things. I'm hoping to weed the clone out by the noxious fumes we'll be encountering in a few hours while we put the deck cleaner on the underside of our deck. Our deck is 6+ feet off the groung and so it's useable space under that we can walk under. I did it that way on purpose for storage. My folks had a deck that way and they could store so much there in the winter that they covered with tarps for extra protection. We cemented it so it's a pretty nice space. Some day I'd like to put a hammock down there for Larry to have his afternoon naps on in the summer. By the time I think I get all that done we will have moved so I'm not very motivated right now. I'm just motivated to get the moss off so I can open my man cave/sewing storage/napping room windows without smelling it. Have I ever told you I have a hyper sense of smell. It can be annoying when I smell things no one else does but it can also be a blessing like smelling the moss this spring before we actually saw it. Yeah, I'm weird that way!

Lindsay-ann said...

Great picture you took of the beautiful butterfly.
Thanks for sharing it.

Shelia said...

Evening, Dear One! Oh, this is another print it and frame it pictures, Jessica! How lovely! Hope you've had a great day and have stayed out of the heat!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)