Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~ Sunrise ~

Just wanted to wish ya'll a beautiful day~

{ click to see the color }

Thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday, it meant so much to us.

Hugs~ J


onlymehere said...

Gorgeous view!! I forgot to say yesterday that I like the dogs dress! You're too funny. I'm still in search of the real Larry. Hopefully he shows up and helps me clean the deck. For some reason we've developed moss under our redwood deck and boy it's stinking up the basement if I open the windows!! Lowe's said it was pretty common this year with all the rain we've had. They even guessed that my deck was on the north side of my house! Let's hope this stuff kills it and does the trick. Have you ever had a crazy problem like this down in Texas?

Nancy said...

Beautiful day back to you ~J~! Lovely picture! Nancy

Lindsay-ann said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful sunrise. I am never awake early enough to see one!
Best Wishes

Dirt Princess said...


sue said...

get off your head you crazy woman, I can't work that fast!! LOL!! The room should be ready for a good scrub down by Friday, then painting can begin!! Can't wait!! Love your sunrises and sunsets! xoxoxo

~♥~ Monica S said...

Hi honey ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! I am around, just being lazy!!!! I am thinking of what to tell you all!! AND I have been on vaction without a computor for a couple of weeks!
I promise to write something real soon!!

Love you!

Shelia said...

There you go with those gorgeous sun times! I love these posts. Oh, Jessica, you're so sweet with your words to me! I'm so glad to have gotten to know you and am looking forward to one day when we can meet in person!
I've entered your name in my giveaway!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)