Saturday, September 12, 2009

~ 2 down 1 to go~

Hi friends~

Do you see what I see? A sweet little hummingbird...they move so fast I've had a hard time trying to get a good picture. But, for the last few weeks they've been very active....trying out their feeder and dancing along the back garden. We have enjoyed watching them.

Yesterday I had procedure #2. Mister insisted on taking pictures....this is before the procedure but after the relaxing meds were put in my you know why they don't let you wear make-up? I'm going to ask them next Of course Benjamin was with me, too.

Look, he even took a picture of the sign. He is a good blogger husband. :)

This is the after picture ( going home, Yeah! ).....all the nurses & doctors there are so nice.

I was pretty alert after this procedure and even remember the drive home...I drove...j/k. Last time everything was a blur. I don't like not remembering things so I liked it better this time. Except, I do remember when they put the cold stuff all over my back and then I felt 3 piercing shots in my neck & back to numb me and I recall saying. I felt that! { But it didn't hurt...I guess I just felt the pressure. } After that I woke up in recovery, before they woke me up.
I wanted Mister & water.....I got both. :)

I feel pretty good today....injection sites hurt but it's nothing I can't handle. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Me? Well, I'm enjoying my first cup of vanilla flavored coffee in 48 hours.

I am a happy girl.

Hugs~ J


Tootsie said...

girl...I hope this is the thing that you need to keep you limber! take it easy friend...we don't like seeing you in pain!

onlymehere said...

No make up in case you have complications so they can tell your actual coloring. Also so if you have complications you don't get make up all over there equipment or linens that is hard to get off. Funny true story, my old boss went tanning the morning of her hysterectomy. While she was on the operating table she kept turning more and more red and they thought she was having a reaction to the anesthesia! Afterwards they found out she had been tanning and fell asleep under the tanning bed. Not a bright thing to do. She caused a ton of undo worry and alarm in the OR and to her family at this time bz the surgeon sent a nurse out to the family to find out if she had forgotten to tell them any allergies she had! I know they don't like nail polish either so they can tell your capillary refill time, etc. I'm sooooo very glad it went well and that you're feeling good this time. Take it easy! Oh, the EHM house is HUGE and stands out like a sore, ugh, beautiful thumb!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Oh Jessica, I'm glad this procedure was more do able for you. I can't imagine the pain you've been in. continued prayers headed your way..heading off to see your bedroom.. hugs ~lynne~

Shelia said...

Oh, Dear Jessica! You poor little thing...I'm so sorry you've having to go through all of this but hopes the procedure will really help you! Glad you seemed to feel better afterwards. Makeup or not, you're a beauty and what a sweet bear to help you along!
Now you must take care of your tiny self and let the family wait on you hand and foot! :) Really, I mean it.
I read your fireman's prayer and it was precious! God bless your Mister and his coworkers!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sophia said...

Morning, J! Wow...I cringed when you mentioned the 3 injections! Ahh. I am so sick of needles myself. Too many this last year with my liver issue and all. Anyway...glad to hear that it went well and that your recovery is good, too. Hope you have a great weekend.

PS LOVE the hummingbird photo. :)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Jess your a beauty without the makeup...Girl I will continue to pray for great health for you...May you have a wonderful weekend my dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Nancy said...

Jessica, You are just beautiful with out make up!!!! I am glad everything went good! I will pray for a speedy recovery for you! Nancy

Betty said...

Jessica I am so happy to hear they are helping you. I hate that it has to hurt you but know in the big picture it must be worth it.
Take care of yourself.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Jessica
I hope you are feeling much better after you op. Thanks for sharing the lovely hummingbird picture. We don't have those birds in England.
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

nikkicrumpet said...

I'm so happy it went so well. I hope it works beautifully and you feel better than ever!

Ashley ~ said...

Give MISTER a big ole hug from your fellow bloggers. He did a GREAT job*!!! Enjoy your coffee and the rest of the weekend*!
((hugs)) _Ashley*

Queenie said...

Hey Jessica!
Bless your are so brave and you have the best attitude. I am so glad to know that you are doing better. Tell Mister that he is the best blogger husband around! You are one lucky lady!

We've just started seeing a hummingbird coming to our feeder...I love watching them...they are hard to catch on camera though! LOL!

That is a beautiful memorial prayer and the sunrise is especially beautiful...thanks for sharing that! TTYL...
Big Hugs,

Nancy said...

Hi J...just stopping by to check on you!!! Hope you are feeling better! Nancy