Tuesday, September 15, 2009

~ A Touch of Fall ~

Morning friends~

What a glorious week it's been so far...I've been recuperating nicely and walked outside yesterday morning and I could smell fall in the air. The birds were singing...there was even a breeze. A BREEZE I tell you. :) This got me in the fall decorating spirit.

This is a little display on the desk in the living room

This is on top of great grandmothers old Singer sewing machine.

and this part of a display on the hutch in the breakfast room.

I was in the fall spirit so much I made a big pan of cornbread for dinner last night. We also had ham, black eyed peas & macaroni & cheese.....one of our favorite country dinners.
We stuffed ourselves silly.

This morning, I'm enjoying my cup of vanilla coffee fixing to get ready to go to physical therapy. I'm not exactly sure what they are going to make me do but Mister said they will make shake my head yes and possibly try to get me to look at my toes....those are 2 things I am still not able to do. I have made GREAT progress, though....I can shake my head no ( slowly ) and I'm no longer walking around like a zombie...things are steadily getting better.

Thanks for all the good wishes.

Hope ya'll have a great day.....I'll be by for a visit, soon!

Big hugs~ J


Marilyn said...

Sending you lots of loving support Jessica. Your a very brave girl and your cheeriness is an inspiration to us all. Hugs from Australia. Marilyn xoxo

onlymehere said...

I hope PT goes well today. It's amazing the little things that we don't realize we do until we have an injury like this. Thanks for stopping by! I found that cartoon and couldn't resist posting it about boring people to death, lol! I don't think as many people are blogging any more period and that's okay. Now that work is picking up it just gets a little lonely bz I check email more often since my personal computer sits right next to my work computer on my desk. Have a great week. Love the decorations!

Shelia said...

Morning, Dear One! Oh, it's good to know you're able to do a few things! Your fallness is looking great! So is your cornbread! Take care of yourself and know I'm thinking of you!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Jessica, I'm so glad you're able to enjoy the outside and getting ready for fall. It's amazing how we take the little things for granted like looking down at our toes. You're still in my prayers darling... I love, love, love your fall decor.Those knubby little pumpkins just "stole" my heart. I've never seen anything like them. Good luck today at therapy darling, slow and easy..remember no pain no gain... love ya girl..hugs ~lynne~

Tootsie said...

your fall touches are perfect! I will be thinking of you lady...hoping only for the good things that need to happen to get you back to the cartwheeling gymnast you are!
hugs...and lots of real love for you...say hi to mister and the genius for me too!
luv ya sis!

Queenie said...

Hey Jessica!
Everything looks so pretty all dressed up for fall! There's still no sign of fall where I live, still hot and humid...maybe sometime in October...but I'm still hoping and dreaming of fall though! This year, I said to myself, that I am not setting out any fall decor, until it really feels like fall outside, I've been so tempted to go back on my own words though, by all the bloggy land inpiration,(like yours), but I've stuck to my word so far... LOL! I hope all goes well with physical therapy, and that you will continue to improve too!
Have a great day...
Big Hugs,
P.S. That country food sounds delish and right up my alley!