Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~ I've got the Fever~

Dish fever!

Have you ever bought something that you had to have and it caused a snowball effect....
Here is my story.

For months I have been oohing and ahh-ing over the tablescapes featured all over blogland. I pay a weekly visit to my close blog friends....Shelia and Lynne and have day dreamed about doing my own tablescapes. I always had 'tea parties with my 'play dishes' growing up so it's only natural that I want to play with real dishes now. I've even started having night dreams about tablescapes. Dreaming of centerpieces, what candles to use, napkins etc....then wishing I had already painted our kitchen table. Not to mention that I still haven't been brave enough to tackle painting the kitchen cabinets. I have spent the last two days { I'm slower than normal } reorganizing my kitchen cabinets.

So most of ya'll know we live in a touch over 1,000 square foot home....we do not have common things found in a house...like a entry or hall closet...not to mention a pantry. There is absolutely no storage...anywhere in this house. I'm not complaining though...I love our home.
Our kitchen is small to say the least....

This is one of my favorite little spots....the coffee station :)

Warning....this is not for the squeamish....{ I know the cabinets are U-G-L-Y.}

But try to look at the big picture here....the countertops have been updated and I so love our back splash. :)

See the upper cabinet above the dishwasher? That's our "pantry"~

All pretty and organized....in a space this size we really to have to stay on top of the organized thing...because if you blink wrong or get carried away at the grocery store....it will literally burst at the seams.

NOTE TO SELF: Although clean ( I know it doesn't look like it but it is....) the inside of the cabinets need to be painted as well as the outside. There is that snowball thing, again~GRRRR.

To the left of the microwave is all our glassware.....it's FULL. The cabinet on the right holds our spices....cake mixes etc.

The spice holders have been a life savor....this cabinet was ridiculous before. :)

The upper cabinet on the far left houses our dishes....which have grown over the last few days. I managed to accommodate the new dishes and brought all ( okay some ) of the linens inside and cleared a drawer to hold the linens and napkin rings etc. The linens were previously in a storage bin in the garage. Many of the linens came from Mammaw ( I have recently realized she is a dish- a - holic too....she prefers China and crystal....which I have inherited some but unfortunately they too are in the garage in storage bins....but you will see them in the near future. :)

ALL of this started because of these......I nearly fainted when I saw them reduced to $2.00 for the salad plates & bowls and the dinner plates were $3.00 a piece at Marshall's. Do you see the all white dishes on the 2nd shelf? I found those at Marshall's the day before my procedure. I needed some basics to work with....at least that's what I keep telling myself. { winks }

Dishes should come with a warning label.
...don't you think?

Aren't they gorgeous? The Genius' loves them too.....we had looked at them before but they were much higher priced....this price....I couldn't resist. I thought about what Mister would say....keep in my mind I already bought a 30 piece set last week and now wanted to add another 16 pieces.

Should I write my last will and testament?

To Whom It May Concern:

I, Jessica { insert last name } being of sound mind { maybe not...lol } and body. Hereby leave all my dishes to ______________. Just kidding.

With sweaty palms and a high pitched voice...I called Mister.....I told him the most beautiful dishes found me....and I couldn't leave without them { at this point I was already at the register...hee hee} I kept babbling on uncontrollably about them being an early birthday present and something like I vowed not to shop { did I really say that? } for at least 2 weeks....I kept hearing a faint ' babe, are you listening to me? in the background....so I finally stopped my plea and do ya'll know what My Mister said? If you love them....get them....I know you will find a place to store them. He is such a good Mister. :) Yes~ he is the best....in so many ways.

I also found these beauties...$2.00 a piece. I thought they would look great mixed in with the black and white dishes.....oh, I can't wait to play with them!!

What do ya'll think? Have I lost my mind?

I'll be by for a visit soon....going to physical therapy this morning....then coming home to play.

Have a beautiful day.

Love~ J


onlymehere said...

Oh Jessica, I would ask that you insert my name into that blank but that would mean that you wouldn't be here any more and we can't have that! I absolutely adore these dishes! I too am a dish-a-holic, although probably a closet one. I always tease Picket about her addiction but I'm just as bad. Why do you think I have that big china cabinet?! Those white ones at the end are great too! When we're all together we generally use my white dishes bz that's what we have the most of but they're getting pretty chipped and worn. I truly do need to find some new dishes soon. I see such wonderful things being bought at Marshall's that I'm jealous we don't have one. Well I better go too, I have a fever too. Too bad my fever is measured with a thermometer and can't be fixed with a quick stop at the store to buy dishes. I always say your Mister is the best and this just proves it!

Nancy said...

Mornin' Jessica, Love the new dishes! I understand your addiction! ;) I can't wait to see what you do with them all! And what a sweet hubby you have!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!! Nancy

Queenie said...

Oh girl...this post cracked me up! You sound like me....with the "I'll get it for my birthday line"...LOL! (which in my case of using that line....the b'day would be more than a few months away...and I'd already used it the week before LOL!) Gosh, that line used to work so much better years ago! LOL! Those Misters are really sweethearts though, oh anything to make us happy?! (in my case, within a yard sale budget LOL!) Oh, back to the dishes... I love your new dishes, and what a deal! I love transferware and the pretty scences depicted on each piece.
I have some old pretty blue and white transferware....but it would take a bulldozer to bust it out of where it's being stored. I wish I had room for the dishes to be stored in a pretty hutch or in the kitchen cabinets. I have my amber depression glass in storage bins too, which I manage to pull out for thanksgiving. I may have to break the blue transferware out one of these days and do a tablescape. Maybe one day.
Congrats on being one organized lady! You are good girl...I mean real good!

I love the tablescape you created with the wedding dishes too, everything looks so elegant and romantic...beautiful views from your porch! The scarf makes the table setting extra special!

I am so glad to hear that your last procedure went well too. I hope you have a great day...have fun playing house with your new dishes sweetie! I'll be checking back to see your tablescape!
Big Hugs,
P.S. Thank you for stopping by and for all you said at "SIT" You are the sweetest...you know that?!

Betty said...

I couldn't have turned those dishes down either. They are beautiful. I love the old fashion look of them. Hmmm...maybe our Marshall's would have them. Can't wait to see them in a tablescape.
Have a great day!