Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Project & Our Christmas Tree ~

Hi friends~

I am finally going to show ya'll our tree....but please know I have yet to get a really great picture of it & I've changed the ribbon 4 times. :)

First, a little painting fun~ I found the wood picture ornaments at Michaels and then I found some clay ornaments at Hobby Lobby.

I have had a BLAST doing this.

You can click to enlarge any picture

I painted all of these while the Genius worked on another project.

You know what I found out....I LOVE glitter. :)

On to Christmas :)

a little something to dress up the curtains~

a little burlap here.....

& there~

and we used our most treasured ornaments~

Here is a peek~

Just kidding....no more peeking. :) Here is our tree at night.

So, what do you think? You will see alot more of it....I'm NOT done yet...lol.

Have a beautiful day~ J

P.S. I can not keep the tree skirt straight....{ there is something orange under there}...you can also read about last Christmas' tree skirt issue by clicking here.


Debbie said...

Very, very beautiful. I can't wait to see what else you plan to do. You have a lot of talent!

onlymehere said...

Now this is my kinds of Christmas decorating! I love handcrafted things and the variation of ornaments. The ribbon looks great to me. I think you're like me, you're too hard on yourself and want it to be perfect for everyone else. I tend to only see my mistakes but have to remind myself that maybe someone else won't notice them, lol! You'll be relieved to know there's no whining here today (from me at least). It's less than 24 hours now.....where did that little baby go that I used to cradle in my arms and rock and sing to? I wouldn't trade the young man he is now though for anything. I have a special post that will be posting tomorrow. I think you may have to have a Kleenex handy, I know I do every time I edit it. Thanks sweet Jessica for virtually holding my hand through this. It has meant more than I could ever tell you (even in this novel I've just put in your comment box, lol!). Wish me luck!

Queenie said...

Hey Jessica,
The handmade ornaments you made are so cute, and your tree looks gorgeous! I'm lovin' the table centerpiece, and hutch christmas decor, (I cannot get over how great that table looks with the white paint, of course it was pretty before too, but the white looks amazing). By the way.....I think I have a hunch what the orange thing is, that keeps unstraightening your tree skirt! LOL! Rocky has been really good when it comes to the tree so far, but he does seem to have something against the nativity set underneath the living room tree. He likes to lay down there and use his paw to knock them over, and likes to watch me pick them back up. I think he's making a game out of it. It makes me wonder if he'd treat us like bowling pins if we were small enough! LOL! Gotta love them kitties!
Girl, you gotta catch your kitty under the tree to show us, okay!? I love seeing what he's up to. Have a beautiful day too!
Big Hugs,

Shelia said...

Evening, Jessica! Oh, your tree is so beautiful! I love it. Is there a fuzzy little someone under your tree skirt! :) I see some nutcrackers. Wow, that's a huge one by your tree.
Thanks for popping in to see me and
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

onlymehere said...

As always your comment was timely and perfect for my emotions. I got it last night as I was checking email. Later the MTC emailed me Travis' P.O. Box # and address and said he's all checked in. Guess what I'm doing after work? Yup, mailing a letter to him! Mail is so important to missionaries since it's their only contact outside of being able to check their email on Mondays for 1/2 an hour (that's it!). They keep them so busy with serving the Lord that contact with family and friends is limited. I think it helps keep homesickness at bay also. Thanks again for the hand-holding. It should get much better now.

Betty said...

Everything is so beautiful with that old fashion feel I love.