Wednesday, January 13, 2010

~ Best Friends ~

Best friends come in many shapes and sizes. They also come along when you least expect it....

~Molly & Cooper~

They have become fast friends....we truly believe they love each other.

Cooper had surgery on Monday. He was neutered. We all missed him so much. He had to stay overnight....I was worried he would think we abandoned him. :( He was happy to see us...

Cooper is a very, very active dog.....he runs~

he fetches~

{ please excuse the very dry....dead....grass & garden....sigh, }

now don't you worry about Miss Molly....she gets her loving too~

& Cooper has made a friend with Mister { even though he tells me that Cooper is my )

Oh, but how I love him so.....we love all our babies and he just fit right in.

For now....he has to wear a 'lamp shade' looking device so he doesn't mess with his stitches.... he is also on pain medicine and kept semi-sedated....he isn't supposed to run or jump for 6-7 days....poor baby. We don't think that's possible. We feel bad......but we had to have it done. I assure you he has received lots of hugs & kisses, plenty of treats and is well cared for. We just want him to heal well and get back to his old self again.

Have a beautiful day!

Jessica & the Zoo :)


Betty said...

I suspect this family has more than enough love to expand out to one more "family" member.

onlymehere said...

He does look very content and loved! Nicho and Jill just got another new miniature Chihuahua but this one's a girl. They have two of them now, Indy and Lillie. I have a feeling you'd get along well with them bz they'd have more pets if their landlords would allow it!

onlymehere said...

It's a beautiful day today and all is right with the world! I hope the sun is shining on you too today.

Queenie said...

Hey Jessica!
I hope Cooper is feeling much better...he knows he's loved, I can tell!
Yes, girl I too am so glad the freezing weather is gone...I like it warm, and I sure loved seeing your yard pics from summer...what a breath of fresh air...and so is your blue bedroom.
I hope you have a great week...
Big Hugs,
P.S. I love your new top banner...that's so pretty!