Monday, January 11, 2010

~ Random Acts of Kindness ~

Hi friends~

I hope everyone had a great weekend. :) I couldn't wait to share this Random Act of Kindness that has been bestowed on my family.

You see.....many months ago on Cindy's ( Just Another Day in Paradise ) private blog she shared a beautiful Annie doll she made for her granddaughter. My heart went to my knees when I saw it. I was just in awe. I remembered my great-grandmother made a Raggedy Ann & Andy doll for me when I was little. I remember the dolls but I have no idea where they ended up. :( I do however have pictures of them that I need to scan and share with you ( I will add that to my weekend "to do" list. :) Anyway. I shared that memory with her. Low and behold.....Mister, the genius & I all have dolls. WOW!

Aren't they fabulous? she wrote the sweetest letter....I framed it. We were all in tears after we read it. The genius immediately took her doll to her her room....I told her that the 3 dolls MUST stay together and she said she wants hers for now. By the heart of each doll is embroidered the genius' says " mom and dad ". More tears came after we read those. You see....the genius will be joining the military after she graduates this year. friend....I can not believe with all you have been going through you made these dolls for us. In case you don't know her son....has just left on a 2 year mission. They will have little contact while he serves the Lord. Which is a wonderful and heartwarming experience and makes us proud as Mother's's still hard to let go. Thank you Cindy. I never knew that I would 'meet' such wonderful people here with my little blog.

WE will cherish them always!! Just as we cherish you and each and every one of my blog friends.'s been cold here in our neck of the woods. We are still shocked over our water scare on Friday and have overly prepared....thank goodness we did. We had freezing weather for 4 nights in a row. YIKES!

Have a beautiful week!

Hugs~ J


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Jessica, What a thoughtful thing for Cindy to do. I can absolutely seeing her doing this. She has such a giving spirit with each post.. (surprise gifts are always the best..) The dolls are adorable as well as you and your family. I hope your water situation is under control now... hugs ~lynne~

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Jessica how sweet of our Cindy to do that for your family...she does have a full plate right now and to have something she made just for your family is great....PRICELESS my friend...Many blessings to you girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

onlymehere said...

I came downstairs to finish up Trav's letter so I could get it in the mail and imagine my surprise at seeing this post! I didn't expect it bz I was kind of trying to be anonymous in blogland with my RAK, lol! I guess I didn't make that clear at all did I?, LOL! Seriously, your words are too kind about me.

I laughed out loud when I read about you saying your gift was a mattress pad! We've needed a new one for quite some time and the funny thing is I saw the box in Sam's Club and thought, hmmmm, that should fit all three dolls, so I bought it! I'd been searching for a box bz the ones at the post office would have me mailing two boxes instead of one and I wanted them to all come in one box, plus I prefer UPS when I can use it. Now that's much more information about your box than you wanted to know wasn't it?

Anyway to end this novel-sized comment I thank you with all my heart for being my friend. I came here to see a beautiful sunrise or other encouraging thought to start my day with and I end up with my heart full of gratitude for such a friend who looks past my flaws and just accepts me as I am. I hope you have a fabulous day today and that the weather warms up soon down there! Me

P.S. Good thing Larry won't ever see that letter. I just keep it real in blogland, good, bad, or indifferent, lol! {{{BIG HUGS}}} coming your way to keep you warm until Mr. Sun warms things up down there!

onlymehere said...

P.S. Again: I guess you've figured out by now that I like lots of tape on packages I mail, lol!!

onlymehere said...

P.S. Again....again: There I go again, all about me....and I forgot to ask. How's the tooth doing? Hope it's feeling better now.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Jessica
Your dolls are absolutely beautiful. Cindy is so kind and thoughtful making them for you all. I am sure you will treasure them forever. Blogland is full of such lovely people I agree totally.

onlymehere said...

Okay, no matter how I try to explain that anonymous comment it just doesn't make sense and of course, you could post it. I'll send you an email later trying to explain myself better. I truly was okay with you posting it, I just didn't expect it. I guess my head is other places and so the comment didn't come out quite right. You're right about the stress level right now with me, it's through the roof. It will be okay though and it will all work out for the best. :)

Queenie said...

Hey Jessica,
The dolls are precious...Cindy is a sweetheart to make those for you...she's such a sweet person. I'd love to see the pics of you with your raggedy ann's from when you were little too...that would be neat!

Beautiful plaque from your mawmaw the words...

Girl, I know how you feel with those freezing, we get cold fronts down here where we live, with some freezing temps sometimes...but they don't usually last this long...This time the freezing temps seem to be lingering on though....I definately feel your pain...and I too, am so ready for the freezing temps to get lost! LOL! I am so glad that your pipes didn't burst...that could have been a disaster. God was watching over you all!
Wishing you a great week and maybe we'll get some warmer weather by the weekend! Fingers crossed here! I definately know now, that I am not a cold weather person, and I won't be complaining about Florida anymore... ever! LOL! I found through this freezing weather that me and hubby like it warm, I guess it's just what I'm used to...guess in the southern states like Florida and Texas we are a little bit spoiled with our milder winters. LOL! I've been saying please come back mild winter all week long!
Big Hugs,
P.S. I hope your tooth feels better now, there is no trouble quite like tooth troubles.

Betty said...

How very sweet!