Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~ Mounds of Dirt ~

Are you wondering why there is a fire truck in front of our house?

Because we had 11 yards of dirt delivered.....note the picture above of just dirt in our yard....sigh. We had to build up the yard. Flood waters were too close to our home last year.

This is bear & mister.....just finishing up the 6 yards we had delivered.

Cooper guarded the back yard while.....

The Genius waited in her wheelbarrow for the next load~{this was before her knee surgery}
She is doing really well and no longer on crutches. :)

Then they brought 5 more yards of dirt.

& afterwards....all my babies were tired. :)

Our driveway was a plum mess....so Mister went & picked up the fire truck to wash down the driveway.
The genius was going to help....

but Daddy took over.

Stay tuned for a special birthday post featuring My Mister~

You can read 37 awesome things about him { posted last year } here~

Have a beautiful day~ J.


onlymehere said...

This is such a fun ingeniuos way to clean off the driveway! I bet it took 1/10 of the time it would have to do it with a garden hose! This was a really fun post and I'm excited to see it done. We need to bring in more top soil too. Maybe when Trav's home we can install that dang sprinkling system and bring in more dirt! Although, I must confess I hope to just pack up and move to a smaller place. It's definitely time to move on.

Becca's Dirt said...

Oh no that doesn't look like any fun at all. That is a lot of dirt. hope you are not bothered by floods this year.

Betty said...

Now that is definitely an awesome way to get the job done, and shoveling all that dirt was a very hard job. Kudos to your hubby, genius and boyfriend!