Thursday, May 6, 2010

~ Loving Spirit~

I woke up the other morning and saw this.....

My heart.....melted. I look at her handwriting and still see a child...a baby....our baby.

Last October I received this locket for my birthday.... the back says

" Mom, Your loving spirit helped me find my own "

I took it off and laid it on Pop's well worn, well used & well loved bible....

& had a bittersweet moment.

Time goes by... far too fast.

Wishing you a beautiful day~ J


Becca's Dirt said...

That is so sweet and thoughtful. She sounds like she has learned from you both. You are blessed to have such loving family. Becca

onlymehere said...

In years to come you'll be so grateful that you took a picture and documented this note she wrote on the chalkboard. Time does go by too fast. Our babies are now young women (and I have a couple of young men too) :) The locket is beautiful. Placing it on Pop's Bible made it 3 generations too. His bible, The Genius' gift and picture, and the fact it's your locket. How's your Meemaw (I hope I remembered right what you called her)? I know you miss your Pop so much and I'm sure he's smiling down at you while you undergo this transition in your life. She's an adorable loving daughter. Her actions and words speak volumes.

onlymehere said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too tomorrow. I told Larry that I refuse to cook so we're having a cookout on the grill with hamburgers and hot dogs, salads, etc. That way we can eat when we want and he cooks it. All the kids are coming except Brandon will still be at drill for the army and won't get home by the time he calls. We know he'll call around 3:00 our time. I haven't really let myself count down the days but today I am getting really excited! Every letter Trav sends he'd say things like "only 1 more month until I can talk to you," etc. so he was counting down for me! Kaje' has needed him so much lately so I hope to give her private time on the phone with him. For the most part though we'll have the phone on speaker phone and be sitting around the table. I hope that idea works so we can all get a fair amount of time. I hope Savannah will say hi for him too but we'll see what she does, lol! Thanks again for thinking about me bz I know this is a bittersweet one for you too with the Genius getting ready to be on her way. She's lucky to have you as her mom :) but I think she already knows that!

Seizing My Day said...

Love this post! true and touching! =)

Queenie said...

Your daughter is so sweet and so is that note she left for you on the chalkboard...that chalkboard is so cute too by the way.:)
That is a precious picture of your locket...makes it look extra special on top of pop's worn Bible. You have such a sweet way of displaying all of your sentimental treasures. :)
Hope your Mother's Day was very Happy. :)
Big Hugs,