Friday, July 16, 2010

~ New Place...Part 2...The One ~

Here it is...
Let's go take a peek inside.....this house is still occupied so we will just take a few pics. :)

View of entry...
Imagine all the possibilities.....

The breakfast room....which we will use as formal dining.

Hello gorgeous....42" cabinets~
Note to Mister:
I am really going to need a step stool. :)

I did not get a picture of the pantry....but there is one so YAY!

Some of these pictures do not do this house justice....looks a little dark but it's really quite charming. I love this view from living to kitchen...and that hunk-a man standing there with his tape measure.....yep. I love him, too.

A fire place in Texas....probably not necessary but it's my favorite. I see roasted marshmellows in our future. We would also like the tv nitch to have some built house all the cords etc.

Master bedroom....I love the curve in the ceiling.

Master bath....double sinks....double YAY!
We almost feel guilty leaving our current home....but space is we are taking this oppurtunity to the fullest. :)

Did I mention there is a closet in here? A real one! Oh me...oh my!!

Makes me

Lookie here Shelia! The most beautifullest bathroom diva....The Genius' :)

The current home owners are so awesome. We were there for inspection yesterday and she was saying do whatever you want....y'all can measure windows, sit on the sofas etc...she even hugged me when we left. We have already exchanged a few e-mails and I think there might be a budding friendship there.

Here we are!

I even showed the current homeowner ( they are having a new larger home built one subdivision away ) my inspiration photo for the deck we plan to build back here.....we are going to miss ours soooo much! I also showed her our current yard and deck and she was in awe....she even asked me if I was for hire next I told her YES! :)
Blank slate....endless possibilities.

Well....what do you think?

Hugs~ J
P.S. I think this house needs a name...any ideas?


Lindsay-ann said...

Oh Jessica, your new house is gorgeous. I love how spacious it looks. It's certianly a dream home to me. That's great that you can keep you old house too. I feel like that about my house. I know one day we will move from here but I will not want to let this place go. I bet you can't wait to get in there.
Hope your move goes well and I wish you all every happiness in your new home.

Tootsie said...

it is very nice Jessica!!! BUT....know it will be fantastic when you are done! I have been off the blog hopping game for too long...barely posting and only getting to reply to those who comment to I am so far behind!!! This was a huge surprise for me! congrats in the move...the closet space and the beautiful family you have to share it all with!

onlymehere said...

Boy, you don't get on the computer for one day and look what happens.....Jessica moves on you!! I had to read the last post first, lol! This new home is beautiful and oh, so nice and open! The funny thing is I can actually picture you there and visualize the things you'd want to do with it! How lucky too that the yard is already fenced! I did notice that it's big enough to do some cartwheels in too and I hope to see pictures of that, lol!

Enjoy the process. I'm soooooo very excited for you! It makes me even more anxious to downsize and move out of my house! Although with all the repairs last week maybe I'm not that anxious, lol!

onlymehere said...

Just wondering....did you take pictures of the laundry room, lol! I have to know!

Betty said...

I am so excited for you. I just can't wait to see how you will make this house your home. Like one of your other commenters I can almost begin to see it.
So when do you move????

Queenie said...

Oh Jessica,
Girl, I am so excited for you and your family...the new house is gorgeous...I can't wait to see it with your stuff! Congratulations!
Big hugs,

bmwgal1948 said...

I am so in love with your new home.So happy for you!!!! Me and Betty are coming to visit. LOl
Hugs Linda