Wednesday, August 4, 2010

~ Inspiration & Dreaming ~

As you know we are planning a move next month. There has been a lot of packing, organizing and dreaming going on here at The Cozy Kettle. :)

This is our current blue bedroom.

This is what our new bedroom looks like now ( current owner's furniture. )

I love the curve up to the ceiling and the placement of the window. It's also a little bigger than our current bedroom.

I have several photos in my inspiration files....unfortunately I don't recall where I found them all. If you see your room on my blog....thank you for the inspiration. Leave me a comment too....I may have a few questions for you.

I love how open and light this room is...

the bench at the foot of the bed and the yummy.

This is probably my all time favorite. In fact I considered trying to change up our bedding but for now...we will stick with the light blue. I am however working on a wicker chair that needed painting and I found a wicker foot stool at Target that I plan to paint to match. :)

One of the things we will miss THE MOST when we move is our deck and backyard.

It took five years....lots of time....lots of labor....lots of love.

We spend most of our evenings out here and I always enjoy my morning vanilla flavored coffee out here. This is where I do most of list making and blogging.

You can see why we stay out here so much~

This is what our new backyard looks like now....

A blank slate.

But, I was inspired by this deck photo and think that one day our new backyard will be quite cozy and charming. Honestly, when we saw the size of the backyard it was almost a deal breaker. Our current is yard is so much bigger....that's one down fall of newer construction...the lot size is teeny tiny.

Stay tuned for more inspiration and upcoming projects.

I'm on a complete mission of

Have a beautiful day~ J


onlymehere said...


The second bedroom is ours! I didn't know that you had a copy of it....okay, okay it's not but I do like it. Our master bedroom needs to have some peach wall paper removed and it needs to be painted. I liked it when I put it up (it's only 1/2 way up the wall) but I got tired of it really fast. I have crown molding and cream bedding and drapes though. Someday when we get it painted and redone I'll post it bz I do love my bed frame and headboard but am beyond desperate for a new bed. It's on my every growing list of things to repair/buy/replace when Travis comes home. :) Enjoy this time of dreaming and planning. I know it will turn out fabulous!

Shelia said...

Hi Jessica!! Oh, you're buying a new home? I know you'll miss your beautiful deck! It's beyond marvelous! Hope all is well and keep us informed on your new home. I'm happy for you!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

onlymehere said...

I Hope you have a fantastic day when you get this message. I had to come back and look at your lovely new house! I'm so excited for you and this new adventure.

Betty said...

I just sent your deck to my hubby as an idea, okay I sent a photo of your deck. I know your new place will be just as awesome. It all takes time and I know you know that but it is going to be so exciting and you bet I'll be staying tune for your posts.

Shelia said...

Hi again, Jessica! When you get a chance pop on over to see Genius' Bathroom Diva crowning.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sophia said...

Happy for you. Good luck with your new home and continue to keep us all posted. :)