Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thrifty Finds & A Little Project~

The Genius', bear and I went to several yard sales last Saturday.....But first I went to my favorite "junk" store. I found this grain sack basket ( I'm thinking laundry room ) and a cute stool.....

We then went to 9 yard sales....had it all mapped out and used the gps to navigate around since we weren't in our subdivision. Total spent $32. Time with my kids ( yes, I claim bear as ) .....priceless.

I found this lovely vase and cute detailed mirror ( both have been freshly painted already )

I loved the detail on this frame.....$1.00
also already received it's first coat of paint. :)

this silver urn ( I have a thing for urns.... ) $4.

Then we started a few little projects....

The genius' hot glued moss on a wooden H from Michaels and a foam ball for my silver ( shabby ) urn.....she did a good job didn't she?

Found this { I call it a jelly cabinet...but not sure really what it is } at a church rummage sale for $5.

I have an idea or two for this's already received a coat of primer and it's first coat of rustoleum heirloom white.
I'm thinking this would look great on the wall above the bathtub with pretty towels and some silver.... :)

{ sorry for the poor's actually a quite charming piece. }

This beauty ( I've always loved this dresser ) has been in our garage for about 5 years. I have it pulled out on the deck for some much needed painting.
Say goodbye's a suprise....and I hope I can do it. { winks. }

Thanks for coming by & have a beautiful day!
Hugs~ J


Shelia said...

Hi Jessica! Oh, I love your things and that little Genius is a very crafty little one and I was thrilled to crown her! :)
Oh, whatever you plan to do to your dresser - it'll be awesome! I just know it.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lindsay-ann said...

HI Jessica
I loved seeing all your wonderful yard sale finds. I would love to go to a yard sale one day as we don't have them over here.
Thanks for the comment. It was great to see your daughter being a bathroom diva too.
I look forward to seeing how you decorate your new bedroom and how you transform the yard. Your current yard is so beautiful, I know your new will be too eventually.

onlymehere said...

The weirdest thing just happened, I clicked on your post and it took me to March 2010! I thought maybe you were deleting your posts like your other unnamed lunatic friend! Glad to see when I reclicked it took me to the new post. Freaky, I tell ya, lol!

Your finds are going to be absolutely perfect when you're finished! It will feel like a whole new everything in your new house with all your completed projects! You go girl!

Today I'm blind. Broke my glasses and can barely see the monitor. Of course, I have to work too so it's been a nightmare and I'm getting a humongous headache. just doesn't cooperate some days! I'm running to get them fixed after work. Wish all the other driver's on the road luck, lol!

onlymehere said...

Just thinking about you and all the exciting things you're up to! Hope you have a great weekend!

Queenie said...

OMGosh! I love that little cabinet and your other goodies!
I know you've been having a blast at the yard just can't beat a yard sale that's for sure...loved seeing all of your finds in recent the moss "H" that genius made's perfect :)

I have been changing things out on the homefront last week in the living room...I changed out for fall ...hopefully I can post some pics of my warmer look for fall sometime soon. I'm lovin' it... I'll give you a hint...brick red floral pillows on the chocolate brown sofa...I'm lovin' it for a change. I think us girls thrive on change don't you?!

Hope you have a great week...I'm so glad you all put off moving just yet...besides I love your home and yard...I know you would have missed it :) When the timing is right you'll know it, and be ready to move. It will all work out.
Big hugs,

Pamela said...

Those are some awesome finds!!