Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 and the genius~

First, we wanted to wish all of you a happy new year!

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We feel extremely blessed and thankful for so many reasons.

It was so great to have our baby home!

I know, I know….she’s 19 but will always be….our baby.

At the beginning of a brand new year, our list making begins. Generally our list of projects is so long it is impossible to get it all done in just one year so it rolls over from the previous year.

Like the living room/fireplace project…..that was worth the 2 year wait. ( it rolled over twice )

Just before Christmas….I started working in our guest room.

Here is the before. ( Jan 2009 )


This is what I have so far….lol. I’m going back to my tans, cream and hint green…..

My comfort colors.


Mister ( he doesn’t get as excited as me….but he usually agrees ) & I

have begun making our list for 2011

replace exterior trim w/hardi plank. ( un-fun )

paint exterior = FUN

I’ve decided to paint the kitchen cabinets.

I’m scared to do it….but it is my mission!

install ceramic floor tile in bathroom ( note tile has already been purchased. )

add a little charm to the bathroom new faucets etc. and paint.

2 bedrooms are still awaiting crown molding but

I would like to add rope molding to the crown molding in our living and dining room.

build a custom book case in guest room w/gorgeous trim. This will replace the very non-functional closet in there. We really need the space for books, photo albums etc. ( note: this has been on my list for 1 year so far. HA! )

I’m also looking so forward to digging in our garden ( = therapy for the soul )

That’s all we have~ for now

Meanwhile, the genius left Monday…. I had to work so our family came by my office and had

Starbucks ( YUM ) and we visited for awhile.

Here is she walking out of my office…..note the dog tags…..she gave her pappy ( my dad ) a set for Christmas engraved specifically for him…..he wears them proudly all the time now.

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@ this point the tears had already started….

blog 8

Airport parking garage….( awesome lighting huh )


Is she not the cutest bravest soldier you ever saw?


Stay tuned there is much more coming here @ The Cozy Kettle.

Have a beautiful day~



Betty said...

Happy New Year Jessica! I am glad you had a nice visit with your daughter, I know having her leave had to be so tough.

onlymehere said...

Oh Jessica, isn't it a paradox to be so proud and and happy and yet so sad and maybe a little scared all at the same time? I know many of the feelings that you felt with having her home and then sending her off again. She is the "cutest" soldier I've ever seen and I'm' sure she's very brave too. Good luck with all your projects. I'm kicking myself for not doing those in another color, lol! Oh well, I think Bailee's is going to be in the turquoisy blue tone but I need to find a hair color first. I decided to try and make one for each one's first birthday so I better get moving since it's in March and it takes me forever to do the hair! My fingers ache just thinking about it, lol! Maybe if we keep ourselves busy though before we know it we'll have them home again rejoicing in the direction their lives have taken. I'm very proud of your Genius too!