Friday, January 7, 2011

Fertilizer Friday~

Hi friends….

This is my first fertilizer Friday in quite some time. I wanted to share our surprise guest. A hawk…..right here in our back yard. Just sitting on our fence……but definitely in search of something. ( he didn’t find it here. )


I liked this picture…..the wind was blowing and it ruffled his feathers.


I haven’t spent any time in the garden lately and was surprised to see a few roses in full bloom.


You can still see their morning dew…..


Thank you Tootsie for hosting. Please visit the queen of gardening and the other FF participants here.

Tootsie Time

Have a beautiful weekend~

♥ Jessica


onlymehere said...

Today the temp is 9 degrees at and I don't think there's a rose in sight, lol! Your bird would be frozen if he were here. Oh, how I wish for a warmer climate like yours! Have a great weekend my friend. Enjoy those roses too! Lucky girl.

Darla said...

Cool! Your roses would be a delight to see here.

Missy said...

Your roses are beautiful, but I love the hawk. It's so great when birds like that choose to visit, isn't it.

Carla said...

The yellow rose of Texas!! (well sorta) How pretty. I love a hawk's stare, like they own the world:)

Tootsie said...

maybe he was there to smell your roses!!!! hahahaha
I used to hate when the Hawks would be around out at the dad's exotic birds were in danger when they were out.
Your roses are gorgeous my dear friend...I have missed you and your gardens a lot lately. I haven't been a good blogger and haven't been online much lately, but life is what it is...and it is busy! I plan to have more time this year for blogging so that I can pursue some goals that I have set for buckle up...Toots is gonna be around more
!!! hahahaha
thanks for linking in this week...I hope you will link again very soon!
say hi to my genius...I think of you all often and hope she is happy!
hugs sister

onlymehere said...

Good morning my friend! I just saw that you commented on my blog and wanted to wish you an awesome day full of sunshine! We're supposed to get a snow storm later today so after work I'll just be hibernating trying to keep warm, lol! I did love seeing your roses. It's nice to know that it's warm somewhere in the world right now! Keep smiling!