Monday, January 10, 2011

Rainy Sunday = Playing with Dishes~

Howdy friends~

Sunday started with a cold front and lots of rain…..

After the rain the sky stayed gray and gloomy.

It’s hard to believe there used to be a garden back here.


The storm beat up the last of our blooms.


So, I bought some pretty white tulips….


I just white…..


Then I decided to work on the dining room wall….

here is the so far….


I definitely need more plates on the wall…maybe a pop of color, I have more plates ( of course ) but only had 5 plate hangers at the house & it was too cold to venture out, again.

Hope you have a beautiful week!


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onlymehere said...

I think January does this to us. I actually threw out some silk flowers that I've had for....gasp...15 years! They were always in my front entry in a beautiful blue vase. I would vaccuum them off or spray some of that silk flower spray cleaner on them. I looked at them after Christmas when I went to put them back out and said, enough of that! I kept the vase and tossed the silk flowers. I change up my walls sometimes too. Every year I hope to paint the front room. We'll see what this year brings.

I like what you've done with the plates too. You always inspire me.