Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~ The Patio & a Peek in the Garden~

Hi friends…

This is where I’ve been. Smile

This is the view from the sliding glass door…sorry the pic is a little dark.


Then looking to the right. There is our wisteria climbing on the arch, it’s just starting to bloom. A few more weeks I expect it will be gorgeous.





Then the view to the left.


Mister’s grill….{ his birthday present last year }


our little sink area


A peek into the yard….our little maple is starting to come to life.







A welcome guest…



Other than the roses….pretty much everything froze and had to be pulled out of the garden. After 3 weekends, countless hours and 30 bags of red mulch…it’s time to sit back and watch the garden grow. Pictures of our front garden and porch coming soon!

Have a beautiful day~

♥ Jessica


onlymehere said...

I do love your yard. It's so fun to see some color coming on. We still have a bit of snow on the ground and rains almost all week are forecast but soon we'll have some sunshine like you! Hope you're doing well. It certainly looks like the "soil therapy" has helped. :)

Darla said...

Let me just say, that back porch area is where I would be constantly! It's so pretty and well, cozy!

onlymehere said...

How are you doing Jessica? My thoughts and prayers go with you during this time. I had to come back and look at your lovely yard. I'm hoping for color in our yard soon! Spring is supposed to begin on Monday...just hope our weather knows it!

Tootsie said...

I love it all Jess!!! You have done a wonderful job making your home, gardens and family such a beautiful peaceful and happy thing!
I hope one day to be as lucky as you are!

Queenie said...

Hey Jessica!
I have sooo enjoyed touring your yard and enjoying your flowers with you...(it's great to catch up on your posts this morning) thanks for sharing them, and I love you porch and that new chandy! I wish we had stained our deck instead of painting it when we did...honey every bit of paint started peeling off within about 4 months of painting :(
Oh well, live and learn as they say lol! I love your stained deck! I won't ever think of painting deck boards again! If I would have did a little research, I would have found that there is colored stain if I wanted green deck boards...I found that out a little late lol! :(

So glad you all got to see your daughter before she left...she's still beautiful as ever and so are you...the pics were great! Happy B'day to her early. I know you are so proud of her...she is gonna be fine don't you worry :)

I know what you mean about roller coaster rides honey...I've been on one myself this year too...with alot going on....you can visit my past posts and find out more, but I am hanging in here and God is good :)
I wanted to say That's great news about your Dad, I am glad that he's doing okay...there is hope...God hears the prayers being prayed and he is the author of miracles...tell your dad to keep hanging in there and you too sweetie.
Well, I will close...I just wanted to visit you my old dear friend and tell you that you are in my thoughts often...take care...God Bless you and your sweet family :)
Big hugs,
P.S. I am so sorry about Gracie...I know that broke ya'lls hearts...I can tell Sammy is sad too :(