Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hi From Me & Breaking News~

Hi friends….

Remember me?

I’ve been playing in the dirt for weeks…..soul therapy? Definitely.

Lots of new changes going on here @ The Cozy Kettle.


The Genius is still in AIT training for her missile job…..and we recently found out she leaves for Korea in 4 weeks!

{ I’m trying not to freak out. }

Really. I am freaking out.

Did I also mention that she will be turning 20 in June....and she will be in Korea....we've always been together on her birthday =(

Doesn't she look tough in her battle rattle?

the genius

She has a new boyfriend……{ he is already in Korea. } sigh.


Then her best friend….leaves for the Air Force today.

We wish our Bear all the luck in the world!


We are so proud of them both.

I’ll be back with some garden pics soon. Hope everyone is doing well.

Have a beautiful day~



onlymehere said...

Oh Jessica, she's always in my prayers. What a brave soldier you have there and now your Bear too. Is he hoping to fly planes or some other field in the AF? Take care of yourself. I think of you often and also keep your dad in my prayers. Maybe you could do some "soil therapy" in my yard too, that is if the snow ever completely goes away! Keep smilin'!

Queenie said...

Oh Jessica, girl...
I cannot believe she's already leaving for Korea...I'm a mama too, and honey I understand how you must feel....but don't you worry, everything's gonna be okay...she's an amazing young lady and I know God's got her in his hands...I know you feel so proud of her too...you should be! At least she's got a boyfriend, and he'll be there with her. She looks happy and they make a sweet couple. I wish Bear the best of luck too...he's such a sweet friend, I know you'll miss him too.

You know life's about changes, but everything that comes our way just makes us stronger...God is on our side and he loves us...and with that being said I know we can handle everything that comes our way...we are not alone on this life's journey :) You and your family are in my prayers always...
Love ya girl!
Big hugs,
p.s. keep up that soil therapy...and show us all the rewards of all your hard work okay?!

onlymehere said...

I guess when I deleted some posts and it moved this one to the top of the list that's when you saw it. You've been so busy and for a little bit I was blogging much more so it would have been easy to miss. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

I've spent way to much time at hospitals these past few weeks. Spent most of yesterday down there with Jake. Kaje's car can't make it that far (1-1/2 hours away) and she hasn't driven in Salt Lake yet so I drive her down to see him. He has two more surgeries scheduled after he's healed a bit from this one and then hopefully he can get back to a normal life. It just breaks my heart to see a 21-year-old who is so active and full of life wasted down to skin and bones and suffering so much. What a life lesson it has taught Kaje' though. She's focused now on what truly matters most in the world at this young age of 18 instead of the usual things girls this age are so worried about. Kind of like the mature brave young lady you've raised just with a different circumstance. We seriously pray for your Genius every day and for you and your Mister too. We love you all and are so happy we've become friends. Well go enjoy your soil therapy! I decided that mine is "fabric" therapy!! I definitely need some more of that in my life :)

Darla said...

Prayers for a hedge of protection around your daughter, her boyfriend and her friend...such brave young adults, admiration to them all!