Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home Visit Part 2

Hi friends~

This is the last of my posts regarding her trip prepared....lots of photos.

We ran and played the whole time she was home. We went to the strand in Galveston and the beach twice.

Mister worked w/her on her frisbee throwing skills….


He “posed” for pics appropriately


while she did what she does best { shop }


He also tried on funny hats


We then took the dogs to the beach for the first time….


They loved it!



Daddy & Cooper


They were pretty tired afterwards.

Except cooper had to make sure we got home safely so he stood guard. =)


We also had a bbq on Saturday and a bunch of our family & friends came over.

Since she will be 20 in June ( 20- sigh. ) We got her an early birthday cake.


I have never put her first name on my blog before but I loved this picture.

This is her and her cousin and little cousin….who successfully assisted in blowing out her candles. Smile


This one breaks my heart. her & my m-i-l


my m-i-l is the awesome-ist. I love this pic.


My M-I-L & F-I-L

{ note: that bandaid is from her smallpox shot }


Her and her favorite aunt~


My dad ( her pappy )


I found them……sitting on the patio like 2 peas in a pod


Then all of a sudden… was time for her to pack. All 258 pounds of her luggage…yep 258 pounds ( minus her Army gear…lol. )


Time to go….



saying bye see you soon… the dogs~


Cooper laying on her shoe…awe~



On the way to the airport….talking to her Pappy~


We did help her w/her luggage but this is how she looked when traveling from airport to airport….duffle bag on her back, backpack on front and 2 suitcases!


A few last minute photos just before the tears started to fall.



Then, Mister and I stood arm & arm….until we couldn’t see her anymore.

I am happy to report that she arrived early to her duty station this morning and we have already talked on Skype for a few minutes. Her daddy was at work so I put him on speaker phone so they could hear each other. It worked like a charm. Maybe we won’t feel so far away after all.

That’s wishful thinking, I think.


Darla said...

Good Grief, please pass the tissues....seriously....sigh

onlymehere said...

This post brought tears to my eyes, and you know that's pretty hard to do. She is so definitely grown up. The part that really got me were the pictures with your dad and you saying how your and your Mister watched her walk away until you couldn't see her anymore. Happy news though that you got to talk to her on Skype already. Just to know she landed safe is a blessing to you.

I do have to say though that I love, love, love her dresser and headboard! How bad of me is that to notice them in her picture?

Have a great day my friend. I'm hoping the snow we got last night melts off. I long for days like the one you posted with Kristin just hanging out at the beach and in the backyard in shorts. Someday soon I hope! Thanks for perking up my days with beach pictures :)