Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Visit Part 1~

Mister and I arrived early at the airport last Wednesday to pick up the Genius….in a surprise move, she was approved for a six day leave before heading to her duty station. So, instead of going to see her graduate AIT ( training for her job ) we cancelled our flight, hotel and rental car and booked her flight H-O-M-E! HOOAH!

I didn’t get a picture of her walking toward us because when we saw her we ran and hugged her forever….she had the biggest smile on her face.

Then we snapped a few pictures.


While we were waiting for her, Mister and I were people watching. What else do you do while waiting at the airport?

See him pointing @ something someone in this pic?


It’s because we thought we saw someone famous.


He looks like Sean Penn doesn’t he?

Then time for some fun!

Welcome to the boardwalk….Kemah Texas!


They road this roller coaster.


There they are in the very front of the roller coaster….yikes. See, I’m smart….I agree to stay behind and take pictures. Smile


They also road this


Then this….that’s them….way up there~


see them?


Then I took about 50 pictures of just her….


I’m her Mom….I can do that right?


Then I started getting THE LOOK. Smile


Then she tried to get me back….lol.


They also forced me to ride the ferris wheel. I’ve never ridden one in my LIFE~ Mister took pics but the look of horror on my face was far too scary to share on my blog. Smile


More fun moments




Well, all this is just day one…..more coming soon. =)

She is on her way right now….she will be in Korea tomorrow morning. sigh.

Be safe, baby girl!


Darla said...

Oh heck no! My feet are firmly planted on the ground thank you. What a great day, I'd have taken 50photos or more no matter what look she gave me...she is beautiful.

Becca's Dirt said...

You should take as many as pleases you - after all you are momma. Sounds like you all had a great time playing. I know you are missing her alreay.

onlymehere said...

I used to love the rides, and especially the roller coaster. As I got older all they did was made me sick. Poor Kaje' is already at that stage. She can't do any kind of rides anymore without getting sick. Too bad we have to grow up. Your Genius looks adorable as always but, you're right, I do see the "alright mom, no more pictures" look she's giving you, haha! It's the same look my kids give me, especially Travis last Decemeber when he was home! Some day they'll be glad we took so many pictures, as for us, we're already glad we take them!

Praying for a safe flight for your Genius.