Tuesday, May 31, 2011

House Project: Flowers, Wall & Tile


Hi friends~

I hope everyone had a great Memorial day!   We worked.  But, it is worth it. 

This is where we are, as of yesterday.

Rob the Builder installed sheetrock where the opening was. We decided to take it back to how it originally was….so it’s a solid wall again.


The hall bathroom now has pretty new tile and a new toilet~


The master bath is waiting for it’s new toilet and needed some drying time on the floor….but we already see much improvement.


& the front garden is now a garden…… =)   I planted 4 knockout roses and vinca’s.  Then we discovered that there were bricks laying flush on the ground and I started digging out all the grass that at grown over it.  Mister started pulling the brick and is going to re-set them so they are nice and straight. 


See how they aren’t even…..they will be…eventually =)


I love the black mulch.  Once the flowers start growing it will look great against the white brick.  { pressure washing coming soon } Rob the Builder has agreed to water my flowers every morning since we are STILL in a drought.


I plan to add a little garden art here & there.  Y’all know I love my garden art. 


Rob the builder will be finishing all his wood work this week.  The new shower walls and bath countertops will be installed on Friday. YAY! Then a huge trash out and clean is planned for this weekend.  The interior paint will begin on Monday June 6th…..then the wood blinds will be installed, hardware, plumbing fixtures, ceiling fans, light switch covers, appliances and carpet. 

We are well on our way!

Now we have to go back to our REAL jobs…..sigh.  =)

Have a beautiful day~  Jessica


onlymehere said...

Much improvement! I never could figure out those kitchen cut outs and I like how you filled it back in. I bet you're exhausted!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Jessica
Just catching up with you today. I've not been around blogland much lately. WOW I am so excited about your renovation project. The house is looking great and I can't wait to see more.